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Updated 12/2017
Multi-Touch Computer
Technology and mobile apps make ideas and thoughts easy to express. Immerse in an extraordinary multi-touch adventure. Capture what inspires you and shape it however...
3 reviews
Google Glass - Explorer Edition
See the world through a different lens with the revolutionary Google Glass Explorer Edition. You can wear your Google Glass Explorer with style, using the built in c...
10 reviews
Digital Art Display
Today, traditional art seems less fashionable than before. Modern painters and illustrators create their art digitally, using graphic tablets and specialized compute...
57 reviews
Wireless Headphones
Whether for work or pleasure, everyone will appreciate a pair of high quality branded headphones. They shine with an eye-catching design and make a cool gift for eve...
64 reviews
Portable Led Projector
Meticulously designed for unbridled imaginations, the cube works with your MHL/HDMI devices so you can transform your 5-inch screen into a 120-inch display. Discover...
977 reviews
Gesture Control Armband
The Myo Gesture Control Armband is a unique piece of technology that does more than your average activity tracker; it reads the muscle activity and allows you to con...
140 reviews
Adaptive Personality Droid
This IS the Droid you are looking for! This droid is a Star Wars inspired toy that is perfect for all ages. Simply download the app onto any smartphone, tablet, comp...
2,384 reviews
Amazon Echo - Voice Command Device
The Amazon Echo is a device that is designed around your voice. Simply say “Alexa” then ask it a question or give a command. Alexa is a cloud based voice service...
76,495 reviews
Gesture Control for your TV
Modern smart technology came to make people's lives easier and more exciting. It's like as if you are in a sci-fi movie, only this time it is real. You can have the ...
92 reviews
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