10 Famous People Who Are Unexpectedly Unmarried in 2023

Being a celebrity might be perceived as amazing, mainly due to the ability to date almost anyone desired. However, it is important to note that many celebrities are content with being single and wish to convey this sentiment.

The decision to embrace solitude is often subject to scrutiny, particularly for women. Nevertheless, numerous celebrities have openly acknowledged their disinterest in pursuing romantic partnerships.

Here, we present the top Hollywood celebrities who are currently relishing their single status in 2022.


Selena Gomez


Despite being considered one of the most stunning women in the world, the fact that this popular actress is single has never been a cause for concern for her. Speculation by the media, based on her interactions with various men, has occurred.

However, in a TikTok video where she is observing a couple's display of affection as a third-wheel, she expressed her contentment with being single, stating, "Being single is a genuine and acceptable reality for me."

In an interview conducted in 2020, she revealed that she has chosen to be alone for almost five years, emphasizing the significance of this decision by saying, "This period of solitude has been incredibly important to me, and I have no regrets."