9 Famous People Who Surprisingly Never Received an Oscar Award

The Oscars, which are also known as the Academy Awards, are widely believed to be the most prestigious awards in the movie business. It is often considered a defining moment in an actor or director's career to win an Oscar, and their status in Hollywood can even be elevated as a result.

However, despite their talent and hard work, numerous notable celebrities have surprisingly never been awarded an Oscar. In this article, some of the most famous actors, directors, and producers who have been overlooked by the Academy over the years will be explored.


Amy Adams


Amy Adams, an actress highly respected in Hollywood, has been featured in numerous critically acclaimed movies. The Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress has been nominated for her five times, recognizing her outstanding performances in "Junebug," "Doubt," "The Fighter," "The Master," "Vice," and "American Hustle."

However, an Oscar has not yet been won by her.