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Updated 04/2018
Lego USB Flash Drive
This Lego USB flash drive is a fun and practical way of storing all of your important files and documents. It even comes with a necklace to prevent you from forgetti...
52 reviews
Portable 3d mini printer
This portable 3d printer inspires your imagination and wake your inner art talent. It needs only 6 steps step to make any items you want. All the operations can be d...
19 reviews
Silent Vibrating Bracelet Alarm Clock
For those who have to get up early in the morning or take medication in the middle of the night, this new generation alarm bracelet wakes you up in a very gentle way...
Hobbit Pipe Set
Have you been looking for a quality smoking accessories recently? Look no further. Handmade by a professional Ukraine-based craftsman, this product completely fulfil...
21 reviews
The Smart Wallet
It's time you replaced your old wallet with a modern one. This is not just another wallet. It is a cutting-edge device that sets a new fashion trend. The smart walle...
Drone Camera
A very cool gadget to play with, the drone HD camera allows you to record amazing high quality JPEG photos and 720p videos, and upload them instantly on the Internet...
Blood Pressure Smart Toolkit
If you have a history of high blood pressure, you have probably been told to take a good care of yourself. This smart monitoring kit can help you prevent a stroke, h...
687 reviews
Secure USB with a Steampunk Lock
In the Internet Age, privacy is so underrated. Virtual tools like iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive have proved highly useful when it comes to storing information. In ...
10 reviews
Alcohol in Breath Smartphone Analyzer
This compact tool measures blood alcohol levels and alarms you when it is not safe to drive on your own. It works simple. Launch the app and connect the device to yo...
303 reviews
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