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Updated 05/2018
Lego USB Flash Drive
This Lego USB flash drive is a fun and practical way of storing all of your important files and documents. It even comes with a necklace to prevent you from forgetti...
52 reviews
Pocket Monkey Multifunction Tool
Different in design and functionality, this utility tool ideally suits any handy guy.There is an amazingly wide variety of things you can do with this one. On the fr...
425 reviews
World's Fastest iPhone, iPad Flash Drive
The iShowFast is a device that provides local storage for your iPod, iPad, iPhone, as well as traditional computers. You can connect using a standard USB 3.0 or li...
5 reviews
Power Bank
This waterproof, shock proof, and rugged portable power bank will keep all of your devices charged on the go no matter what the conditions. Perfect for an active lif...
522 reviews
Compact Wooden Bluetooth Speaker
Enjoy some quality time listening to your favorite music tracks. This Bluetooth speaker is compact and useful. Music lovers can get up to seven hours of music stream...
196 reviews
USB Carabiner Clip for Apple Devices
The carabiner always adds sparks of freedom and thrill - now also providing strength and protection to a smartphone cable. Not only you can recharge your devise or s...
102 reviews
Pocket Key Organizer Multitool
Time to put in order the inside of your pocket – the old key chain remains in history now with this beautifully packed lightweight ergonomic key-holder mechanism. ...
36 reviews
Secure USB with a Steampunk Lock
In the Internet Age, privacy is so underrated. Virtual tools like iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive have proved highly useful when it comes to storing information. In ...
10 reviews
Blood Pressure Smart Toolkit
If you have a history of high blood pressure, you have probably been told to take a good care of yourself. This smart monitoring kit can help you prevent a stroke, h...
687 reviews
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