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Updated 05/2018
Phone Finder. Key Finder. Item Finder
The Tile Generation 2 Item finder is a practical solution for the eternally forgetful. Whether you routinely lose your keys, or if your smart phone slides between th...
7,964 reviews
Adaptive Personality Droid
This IS the Droid you are looking for! This droid is a Star Wars inspired toy that is perfect for all ages. Simply download the app onto any smartphone, tablet, comp...
2,386 reviews
Amazon Echo - Voice Command Device
The Amazon Echo is a device that is designed around your voice. Simply say “Alexa” then ask it a question or give a command. Alexa is a cloud based voice service...
76,725 reviews
Google Glass - Explorer Edition
See the world through a different lens with the revolutionary Google Glass Explorer Edition. You can wear your Google Glass Explorer with style, using the built in c...
10 reviews
Gesture Control Armband
The Myo Gesture Control Armband is a unique piece of technology that does more than your average activity tracker; it reads the muscle activity and allows you to con...
139 reviews
Full-Size Virtual Keyboard
A full size qwerty keyboard is now portable! This incredible keyboard pairs with any smart devices with Bluetooth connectivity and projects a full size virtual keyb...
136 reviews
Leap Motion Controller
This motion controller provides a whole new way of interacting with motion control capable applications, games, and even design software. This innovative controller ...
Calm and Energy Wearable
From smoking a cigarette to practicing yoga, we have our ways to overcome fatigue and anxiety to make it through the day. Modern technology has a cure for all kinds ...
155 reviews
Portable Gluten Tester
Gluten is a protein found mostly in wheat, barley, triticale and rye. Too much intake of it leaves a lasting negative effect on the small intestine. If you are glute...
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