Mobile Legends: Bang Bang - Top 9 Tips & Tricks Guide To Reach Mythical Glory (For Solo Ranked)

If you are really trying to get to the top tier ranks, this guide will help you become a PRO.
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a mobile multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) that offers a varied cast of heroes, different game modes, and intense, fast-paced gameplay. This guide will give you the steps to rank up faster & easier.

Constantly look at the map

The so-called mini-map is the small map at the top right corner of the screen. With its help, we now can know our team's position but, more importantly, our enemy's position. Most of the players at lower ranks don't look at it, which is a huge mistake.
If we keep an eye on the minimap, we can avoid being ganked or alert our team of a potential enemy ganks. The main reason PRO players are ranking up so easily is that they look at the map every 5-10 seconds, which gives them a better understanding of the enemy's positioning and strategy.
So from now on, keep an eye on the minimap so that you can predict enemies' movement and avoid ganks.

Know the META

Mobile Legends constantly keeps making buffs and nerfs, so professional players need to know the so-called META. Most of the low-rank players keep playing old meta, which is the most common mistake they can make. PRO players know the META, and they always play according to it.
How to make an understanding of META? It's easy. Just look at the patch notes after every update or go and watch different professional players.

Turrets before kills

Lower ranks players love killing. They would do everything for kills, but that's not the goal. Mobile Legends is a game where you can win only by destroying towers and not by getting more kills.
What do the professional players do? If the enemy has low HP, they don't chase for kills inside their territory. Letting them recall is the same as killing them. The more you destroy their turrets and stealing their jungle, the easier it will get to win.
This is the most important tip to become a PRO player.


Now, since you look at the minimap constantly, you can practice ganking without losing turrets. When you want to gank, you always have to communicate and make sure it's at least 4 of you, so you have a higher chance of winning the gank without deaths, and everyone can go back to their lanes.
The best battle spell for ganking you can use is "Arrival." It will allow you to either save the turret or join the gank without walking.
Winning early game ganks can increase the chance of winning the game.

Don't stop farming

Make sure you are always getting gold by killing jungle monsters. Don't stay in one place and do nothing until the enemy's minions arrive. Whoever has the most gold has a higher chance of winning.
Stealing enemy buffs is a must. It's one of the best early game strategies.
The most important jungle monster for gold is the Crab. If you succeed in killing the Crab, it will take you to a higher gold lead.
Crab Jungle Monster - Mobile Legends: Bang BangCrab Jungle Monster - Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Crab Jungle Monster - Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Master a hero before playing ranked

You don't want any chances of losing stars. So you should never play in ranked mode with a hero you can't play well enough. You should master the hero in the classic mode first or vs. AI and then you can go and play ranked matches.
If you want to be a professional player, you have to make the best out of the hero you are using.

Always last hit minions

Players who are stuck in low ranks don't know anything about this. That's a tip for getting more gold and experience faster.

Good rotation

If you are a solo player, having a good rotation is a must. I will give you an example of a basic rotation:

1. First, go mid-lane and clear minion wave fast.

2. Then go to Lithowanderer for a stable HP when taking the blue buff.

3. Take the blue buff.

4. Go back to mid-lane and clear the minion wave.

5. Try to take the enemy jungle, normal jungle monster, and then red buff.

6. Now, you will be 4th level. Go top lane and try to get 1st kill. If you don't get a kill, make them recall.

7. Take the crab.

If you manage to execute this rotation, you will get the gold lead for sure.
So that's the basic rotation plan, and don't forget to keep farming and destroy turrets when your lane is clear.

Learn from your mistake

If you know that something is your fault, admit it, and don't blame others. Learning from mistakes will make you good at any game.