Updated 04/2018
Portable Sunlight Shower
The best cure against the sweltering summer heat is a refreshing shower with water warmed by the sun. This pleasure is now fully available thanks to an eco-friendly ...
Women's Dutch Style  City Bike
Classic Dutch-style design, fresh rejuvenating colors and romantic European outlook – bring your daily transport routine to the coolest life style possible! Plus -...
39 reviews
Hot & Cold Lunch Box
A new scientific and designers’ solution for a lunch box keeps the hot (and cold) temperature of your food for up to 6 hours! This mini tidy home cuisine utensil g...
1,276 reviews
Outdoor Bluetooth Hi-Fi Speaker
Bring your great quality sound wherever you want! A well tested turtle shell-like construction composed by triangle modules brings now brilliant Hi-Fi sound quality ...
325 reviews
Electric Skateboard
Apparently, some futuristic tech concepts eventually come to life. The first time we were introduced to the idea of electric skateboard controlled remotely was on mo...
Perimeter Protector Alarm
Everyone has valuables and would like to keep them safe. Having a guard dog sometimes in not enough. Alarm systems can cause a fortune. With this small gadget you ha...
11 reviews
Solar Charging Lantern and Flashlight
Having a solar light for your garden is always a good investment - and now you receive it with much more than that! With three different modes – an 18 LED lantern...
1 reviews
Wrist-worn Fireshooter
Do you like magic tricks? With this awesome product you have the chance to shoot balls of fire from your open palms and create breathtaking effects. A little smaller...
Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane
Paper airplanes resemble of childhood playing, free open spaces, simplicity… Here’s your chance to have again a beautifully designed small and engined paper airp...
244 reviews
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