Updated 05/2018
Cozy Dog Bed
A proper pet bed for your so much loved buddy with the design flavor from the ’60. The sphere is the perfect shape not only as an abstract but also in interior, fo...
Pet Monitoring System
When it comes to keeping your pet safe, home surveillance has proved highly effective for the last years. A new camera technology now allows you to keep an eye on yo...
954 reviews
Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser
Pets, especially dogs, who have a special bond with their owners tend to get lonely and anxious when their beloved human is not around. Thanks to this modern inventi...
Smart Pet Feeder
In the Digital Age we are privileged to take intelligent decisions when it comes to pet care. Overwhelmed with love, we tend to overfeed our fluffy pals. Although th...
853 reviews
Pet Tracker Collar Attachment
Want to keep your pet safe, get him a collar with a tracking device. This wearable gadget features a brand new system that guarantees up to 10 times stronger attachm...
Water Garden
A fish tank and a herb garden together? Such a beautifully simple home ecosystem design already there for you! And more – the garden cleans the water and the fish ...
Window Birdfeeder with a One-Way Mirror
The most dedicated bird lovers can provide fresh food to their feathered friends by simply installing a nicely designed one-way mirror feeder. The idea behind this p...
67 reviews
Universal Bike Dog Leash
Anyone who walks a pet dog has to deal with the need for a proper bike leash – now you have an excellent quality one with a strong steel spring attachment that red...
67 reviews
Special Hammock for Cats
Just like humans, cats also enjoy hammocks. It’s in their nature to keep a low profile and observe from somewhere they can hardly be seen. That’s why they hide i...
208 reviews
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