Updated 05/2018
Multi-function Fitness Tracker
The Microsoft Band takes fitness tracking to another level. Like other fitness tracker bands, the Microsoft Band tracks steps, heart rate, calories burned, and sleep...
1,509 reviews
Smart Jump Rope
This unique fitness wearable promises a fulfilling fitness experience. Designed to monitor your progress, it gathers data and provides a report about your overall wo...
1 reviews
Ping Pong Cardboard Table and Set
To stay healthy and fit, all you need is a mini-tennis/Ping-Pong table. Such game activities are fun and a great way to socialize.You can dismantle the table and tur...
Massage Stick
A slight change in the routine can improve drastically your physical health. The massage stick is a novel tool that perfectly fits in everyone’s frantic daily life...
3,338 reviews
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