The Little Rascals Cast, 27 Years Later

In the 1994 movie Little Rascals, most of the characters were portrayed by children, so it cannot be expected for them to think logically. The formation of their own "anti-women" club was initiated by the boys, resulting in anyone who dates girls being perceived as a traitor and a scoundrel in their perspective.

Naturally, one of the boys takes the risk of defying this belief for the sake of a girl and ends up being discovered. The storyline also includes go-kart racing and the appearance of Donald Trump. However, our focus today will be directed towards those child actors and their endeavors since '94.


Blake Jeremy Collins (Woim)


After being cast as one of the bullies in The Little Rascals, Collins was subsequently involved in several projects such as Minor Adjustments, The Fanatics, 7th Heaven, and Richie Rich's Christmas Wish before disappearing from the public eye in 1999.

The last two decades of his life have not been noteworthy, but like other members of the Rascals, he was included in the reunion special in 2014 and was later seen working as an assistant cameraman on Sons of Anarchy.