Updated 05/2018
Find Your Pearl Kit
Pearl in a freshwater oyster is a creative way to make someone happy. The special thing here is, you never know what color pearl pedant you are going to get. This el...
Unlike most fitness trackers that are namely a single metric of your workout activity, this one e tracks your whole session to identify the exercises that are most b...
184 reviews
Reading Glasses on your iPhone
In the Information Age, people deal with all sorts of data daily. Whether news, weather reports, blog articles or social media posts, everybody reads, mostly on thei...
104 reviews
Activity + Sleep Tracker
The Jawbone Activity & Sleep tracker allows you to keep track of your sleep, steps, and other activities while providing motivation and encouragement in style. This ...
LED Light Earrings
Every stylish lady deserves a pair of flashing earrings. These incredibly unique glowing ear accessories are a solid choice for the stylish man or woman. Wear them a...
Ponytail Hat
Every woman and girl need essential equipment to keep their heads warm in cold winter days. The ponytails hat is designed with fashion and functionality in mind. it ...
20 reviews
Heart Rate Monitor for iPhone & Android
This heart rate monitor helps make your workouts effective and efficient. It pairs with a free app available for iPhone & Android as well as most popular fitness ap...
1,237 reviews
Ultimate Notification Watch
From a user's perspective, the notification watch shines with tremendous features that certainly make it stand out. Although it stuns with an impressively stylish de...
1,145 reviews
Star Wars Cufflinks
A true fan wouldn't miss to appreciate a pair of beautifully designed Star Wars cufflinks. These high quality rhodium plated enamel pieces of jewelry make fantastic ...
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