10 Beautiful Fashion Moments of Meghan Markle

A fashion transformation has been undergone by Meghan Markle, from her time in the White House to her post-Royal life with her children and Harry in California.

Tons of gorgeous looks have been worn by her along the way. The style worn by her ranged from fitted, conservative looks in colorful statements to more neutral and low-key outfits.

And it might be hard to believe, but a stylist is not used by her. Let's take a look at Meghan's top 10 style moments over the years.


A vision in emerald


The emerald ensemble worn by Meghan Markle was a breathtaking sight, designed by Emilia Wickstead. From head to toe, one of Markle's finest looks was showcased, symbolizing the conclusion of a chapter as it marked her final public appearance with the Royals.

Additionally, the green lining of Harry's suit jacket was a fashion statement of unity, solidifying their status as a power couple.