Check off your Christmas wishlist this Black Friday

We've been waiting long for this year's Black Friday (November 29th). This wild shopping spree day is a great reason to start buying Christmas gifts earlier. Now It's about time we start preparing. 

Here are our suggestions for this Black Friday that just have to make it into your shopping list. Get your wallets and credit cards ready!

Feeling Sporty?

Feeling sporty or not, these fashion pieces are good for any occasion. Nowadays everyone is rocking around with their sneakers and tracksuits. We know it's kind of early to talk about New Years' Resolutions, but if you want to go to the gym more often, a new pair of sneakers can be very motivational.

Fila Sneakers

Fila Sneakers are this year's hit but it's never too late to buy them and hop on the trend. The brand can be very pricy, but Amazon gots you covered. Check the prices by different retailers and grab the best available deal.
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Nike Clothing & Sneakers

If you don't want to go wrong with the perfect gift Nike is always a good idea. Their products are never out of style. Sounds like the perfect Christmas present to us so give it a try.
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Stylish Like Steve Madden

The goods news is that Steve Madden has a Black Friday page and we're expecting some good prices! Rock that style now or buy it for a friend. There are lots of different print varieties out there, waiting for you.
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We Bet You've Never Thought Of That!

If you really want to surprise someone this Christmas (or just want to surprise yourself) we suggest you buy something unusual. Our suggestions can be life-changing, we swear, just give them a try. 

USB Charging Bracelet

After this product, we never want to hear you complaining again about your battery's life. The USB charging bracelet was Amazon's choice once and since then, became a big thing.
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23andMe DNA Test

Imagine gifting someone the most important information about his existence. Yeah, that's possible in 2019. There're some special prices going on right now for the holidays' season, so prepare yourself with some cash.
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Fujifilm Instant Camera

Have you noticed that lately, almost everyone has a "disposable account" on Instagram? In 2020 we'll be posting photos with vintage effects and we won't be thinking about likes. Go back in time with this Fujifilm camera and capture moments with your disposable.
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Keep Playing

We are not really sure if Google Stadia will be on sale this Black Friday, but we are certain you will have a great time gaming when it's snowing outside. Just imagine all the cosy afternoons and evenings with your favourite game.

Steam Sale

Check if your all-time favorite game is among the best deals on Steam. The sale is real, so don't miss out! 
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Oculus VR set

Open a door to a new dimension. Enjoy virtual arts even better and go deep with the best gaming experience. Isn't that totally worth it?
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EA Games

Go in the game with the best EA games on sale. For these cold days that are not worth going out.  
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Treat Yourself & Others

Some products require a special occasion and this week Black Friday is your excuse. C'mon, It's only once a year and you deserve it. We've prepared you some ideas you won't get out of your head. Sorry, not sorry!

Pandora set

Beware: Pandora's sale is starting on November 26th. A beautiful shiny set with your favorite moments can be a beautiful surprise under the Christmas tree. This gift can be trendy, luxurious and sentimental at the same time.
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Dollar Shave Club Subscription

Level up your shaving experience with a personalized self-care box coming directly to your door. Subscribe now for a monthly box because beards matter too and grooming is important.
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Wanted: The best App deal!

Do you remember this one app that could change your life, but was too worthy? Perhaps It was a mind course, premium photo editor or a cool game. 
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Challenge yourself

Imagine if every Christmas you start gifting presents with a purpose that will keep people entertained throughout the whole year. That's a nice idea, right? Try it this Black Friday and start from here: 

500 Piece Puzzle

When was the last time you tried this? Challenge yourself with a 500 piece puzzle at the comfort of your own home. That's what we call some quality family-friendly time that will keep you intrigued for many, many hours.

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Acoustic Guitar

You probably thought of learning to play the guitar at least once in your life. So grab a beginner set and do it! Now it's your time to shine, plus you can annoy your roommates too.
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Start a Course

There are some pretty good deals on Udemy now with a big, big discount. Improve your chances of getting a raise or learn a new language. 
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