Funniest Deepfakes We've Seen

Deepfakes are taking over. Sounds scary but we want to focus on the funny part of this technology.
YouTube /crookedpixel
Over the past year a lot of public attention has been attracted by the sophisticated and controversial topic about "Deepfakes". Society isn't very positive about the tech future when we'll be manipulating content for its own sake. 
People are concerned that deepfakes will take over and start a new destructive "fake news" wave. Some are questioning whether technology and human ignorance can cause complications or even start a war. Are we going too far by calling it a "threat to democracy" or perhaps, we're still underestimating the headaches it can bring?

In this article we're putting aside all negative speculations. Let's have a laugh at the funniest deepfakes we've seen so far.

J'adore starring Mr. Bean

There she goes, looking so stunning! A God-like creature, so unique and outstanding, yet so... familiar. Oh, wait, that's Mr. Bean. This terrifying video left us with mixed feelings, that's for sure.

Mike Tyson as Oprah and Snoop Dog as Gayle

What’s better than Mike Tyson as Oprah and Snoop Dog as Gayle? Nothing! There are so many hilarious deepfakes of Mike Tyson online, but this one is our favorite. Must be something in Mike's look that makes him so deepfake-able.

Vladimir Putin as Melania Trump

As one comment jokingly says "Melania never looked better". We just love this combination of Putin’s face and Melania’s accent - it's sure adding value to the speech. It’s a match for sure and we are living for it!

Home Stallone

One of the most popular Christmas movies comes back just in time with a remake. The movie "Home Alone" [1990] can never be the same after the plot twist in this video. Let's just say it gets really disturbing. 

Keanu Reeves in Forest Gump

The best crossover we didn't know we needed starring the Internet’s favorite hero and the ultimate movie. You know what, this movie actually deserves a fustll remake starring only Keanu. We bet the theatres will be full! It may even beat Game of Thrones unlike The Witcher. 

Elon Musk if he was as talkative as Charlie Sheen

We believe that Elon and Charlie are the same person, just in different timelines of the Universe. This video is proving our theory and oddly, doesn’t seem weird at all. What do you think?

Good Old Trump being Naughty

And last, but not least we present to you one deepfake GIF which is not a face swap, but a funny and very realistic montage with our good old Trump.
We hope you enjoyed this article as much as we did making it. And if you got freaked out by the content, keep in mind that Google has released a database with deepfakes and lawmakers and other expets are working hard on regulating our virtual space. Have fun!