American Horror Story - with an Offshoot

American Horror Story will be an anthology again but with different plots for each episode.

Ryan Murphy, the creator behind the successful American Horror Story series announced that he will be working on an offshoot his most successful production.

American Horror Stories will also be an anthology but instead of the plots differing for each season, they will be different for each and every episode. It could be said that this would be the second offshoot, as we already saw two seasons of American Crime Story – we haven’t written anything about it since it doesn’t fall in the scope of our genre. For now it is unknown if the series will follow a specific concept nor do we know who will take part in it, but it is highly likely that we will see some familiar faces. Even Jessica Lange. Why do we think so? Because the news was announced in an Instagram post, which shows a screenshot of a group chat between Ryan Murphy and the stars of American Horror Story and Lange has the first chair in the shot.

American Horror Story has its tenth season currently in development but the production is going slow. It is unclear what the concept is, but what we recently became clear is that a lot of shooting is taking place outside of the studio and it requires specific weather conditions (perhaps cloudy skies). Due to the coronavirus situation, though, the processes has been halted and Ryan Murphy is worried if the weather will be appropriate once shooting can proceed – summer is coming and the sun will shine brighter and brighter. The most interesting bit about the tenth season is that Home Alone’s Macaulay Culkin will play the main part. The once cute child grew up to be a not-so-attractive man so his horror role will suit him while at the same time it will be one of his rarer and more noticeable ones.

We are unaware how many episodes and how many seasons the new offshoot will have (actually at this point it isn’t even a 100% certain if it will come to be at all, as the tweet gives no details at all), but we can rest easy about the future of the mother series – orders reach up to a 13th season at this point.

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