5 Psychopaths We All Love

Fiction is brimming with wackos and we all love to see them onscreen. See who we have in mind!
Clones, spaceships, robots, dragons... who wouldn’t go crazy in a world where all of these actually exist. Here we have a ranking of five completely human characters, from both the small and the big screen, who have been mentally traumatized but nevertheless – we still love seeing them!

Gai Baltar – Battlestar Galactica

Gai (or Gaius) is among the most not-nice characters in Battlestar Galactica. His smaller head brings about the destruction of civilization and the death of billions, all thanks to his lack of foresight in regards to Number 6. We admit, it’s hard to resist the hottest alien chick, but still…
One way or another, this is by far not the only bad thing he’s done. After joining the fleet of the last survivors, his psychosis is yet to manifest itself in its full spread. Whether it’s some crazy course of action, inspired by one of his visions, which messes up the ship or becoming a collaborator to the cylons, who have occupied New Caprica, Gai will always be a little weird.
We’re not even going to go into that time when he started seeing himself as a religious leader, but then again – he’s the perfect evidence for the saying which goes “The craziest are the most persuasive”. In any case, the important thing is that without a psycho like Boltar, Battlestar Galactica wouldn’t be the same.