Among Us - Tips, Tricks and Resources

Are you playing as a crewmate or as an impostor? Doesn't matter, you'll win either way if you read this article.
Among Us is an online multiplayer murder mystery puzzle game, which was published by Innersloth in 2018 and actively played since.
The game has a very similar concept to the Mafia (Werewolf) party game, where 4 to 10 players can participate in a game round. The whole group of players is split into two teams: crewmates and impostors. Crewmates win by completing all tasks and finding all impostors. impostors win by killing all crewmates, while periodically sabotaging them. We will discuss each role's tactics to win below.
First, let's take a look at all character types and their abilities.

Character Types

There are 3 types of characters in Among Us:

  • Crewmates - Most probably, you will often play this role. This is not an enviable role as there's always a chance to get killed and become a ghost (role described below).

  • Impostor - The most interesting role. It requires the ability to lie, dodge, and control the situation.

  • Ghost - Dead crewmate becomes a ghost, which continues to be invisibly present on the map, completes tasks, and morally supports the crew. Impostor ghosts can sabotage and create a temporary problem that crew members must wait out, ignore or fix.

Character Abilities


Sabotageability can be used only by impostors or their ghosts (if there are more than 1 impostors present in the game). The sabotage button, located in the lower right corner of the screen, will open a map to select different sabotage methods.

The sabotage button is located in the lower right corner.The sabotage button is located in the lower right corner.
The sabotage button is located in the lower right corner.

You can prevent almost all types of sabotage by pressing the emergency button (except for sabotaging doors). However, players can report dead bodies simultaneously, which will automatically correct most of the dirty tricks. Exceptions are communications and lighting.

Only one type of sabotage can be carried out at a time (except for closing the doors when another main sabotage occurs). However, Polus is an exception to this rule, as closed doors remain until world players open them.

  • Oxygen
    This prank will cause all oxygen to be thrown out of the ship/headquarters, which means the impostor will win if the countdown reaches 0. To fix this sabotage, players need to enter the correct codes on two contact pads in different map areas. At Skeld, it is oxygen and administrative. At the headquarters, there is a greenhouse and a southern corridor.

  • Reactor melting
    Failure to fix it in time will cause the reactor to melt, destroying the map. Hence the impostor will win if the countdown reaches 0. To correct this sabotage, two players will have to keep their hands on two separate scanners in the reactor simultaneously. Similar sabotage exists at the Pole under the name "seismic instability." It works in the same way, except that the scanners are far from each other in distant places outside and not in a special reactor room (which is not on Polus).

  • Securing communications at Polus
    Communication sabotage will prevent crew members from seeing their task list and location on the map until communication is reestablished. It also disables security cameras, vital organs monitoring, an administrator card, and a log that deletes all recent events.

    Communication is restored on the ship and Polus by adjusting the dial following the two wavelengths on the monitor. At headquarters, reconnection requires two people to enter the same code into PINs in different locations (office and communications). The code is reset after a specified time interval, and therefore you must enter it into each PIN block before it can be reset.

  • Lighting devices
    This sabotage drastically reduces the crew members' range of sight so that they cannot see other players around them until they are very close, and the vision of impostors and ghosts remains the same. To fix this sabotage, players will have to flip a toggle switch on the electrical switch and turn the small light above each switch bright green. This diversion can make it easy to kill and run, even if other players are nearby.


Administrator is the ability that all players can use to retrieve information about other players' whereabouts.
When you are in the admin room, pressing the button next to the map will show which room everyone is in, but the characters are shown in the same color.
Admin room showing the location of everyone.Admin room showing the location of everyone.
Admin room showing the location of everyone.

The map does not show the exact location and is updated when someone changes rooms. It also doesn't show when people are in the hallways. The impostors who are inside the air vent are also shown on the map. Dead bodies are also shown on the map, but they do not show dead (just a symbol). The ability to track players is mainly used to verify that a crew member or impostor is in the room at a given time.


  • You can use the administrator map to verify the current location of crew members or impostors, providing useful evidence in deciding whether to bail out.

  • Anyone who uses this ability can use it against impostors who lie about their current positions.

  • The administrator card does not show the players in the corridors, so one of them can't leave the room and instantly appear in the other. If someone disappears and reappears instantly, then it is most likely a villain using an air vent.

  • If you are an impostor, you can find a lone crew member to hunt by looking at the administrator card.



It sounds like a paranoid call, but in fact, being attentive and suspicious will actually save your life. We will discuss several special signs that can easily distinguish an impostor from a crewmate player below.


Keep a close eye on the people who follow you. The maps in Among Us are tiny, and narrow corridors often connect the rooms. Due to this, you will often run around other players who will do the same next to you. However, the behavior of impostors is often chaotic. Instead of purposefully moving around to the rooms to complete tasks, they rush from one place to another, creating an imitation of hectic activity. This is because they actually cannot complete tasks.

If you see one of the players who walk in a certain direction and then abruptly changes course and begins to follow you or another teammate, immediately run in search of another person or, by all means, follow this player and the teammate he is pursuing.


If you are a courageous and determined player and tend to take risks, try to lure out the impostor and turn his attention to yourself. Move away from the main group and see if the player you suspected is following you.

Also, analyze the reaction of teammates when approaching. If you are near-real crewmates who are busy with tasks, they will not hesitate to move, run off to the side, and so on. The only exceptions are those cases when they doubt your honesty - then the player can run off to the side. The situation is different with impostors: they sometimes change their route unexpectedly and get closer to you for no apparent reason.


If you don't want to be suspected, it is recommended to move in groups, as this will relieve you of unnecessary suspicion in your direction. If there's no pressure towards you, try to identify other crewmates to group with. Once you are sure that one of the players is really not an impostor, try to stay close to him and prove the same to him from your side.

Special tasks are suitable for evidence that activate special animations. These are the so-called visible quests. Their set is unique for each map, which is listed below (the names of the rooms are indicated at the beginning of each paragraph):

For all maps:

  • MedBay: Scanning

    • You will see a character scanning animation with a laser beam.

For Polus and Skeld Map:

  • Weapons: Asteroids Shooting

    • The player can sit in the shooter's chair.

Skeld Map:

  • Shields: Shields :)

    • The player can interact with the shield activation panel.

  • Cafeteria or O2: Garbage Cleaning

    • The player can clean the garbage from the spaceship.

The essence of such a test is that impostors cannot perform tasks in general, and therefore will not start the animation.

However, the game also has a category of general tasks. Their fulfillment (or non-fulfillment) in no way betrays impostors and does not distinguish them from crewmates. When doing them, be on the alert.


As soon as the game starts, check if someone runs to the administrator's room and immediately begins to complete the task. In that case, this is definitely a traitor's maneuver. Indeed, to certify this quest, you must first download the data and only then unload it on the administrator's main computer.

You have to be careful if you see 2 players in 1 room after opening the map in the Admin Panel. If one of them fades and then returns to its position, it is 100% murder. Thus, you can safely call a meeting.


You should not approach the ventilation, as only impostors use it. If you go to the hatch, it might raise suspicion, or, in the worst-case scenario, you will be killed by an impostor who is hiding in there.


It is essential to know the location of all rooms, the functionality of each room, and the time to complete quests when playing as a crewmate. This will help you distinguish crewmates and impostors, detect if other players' alibis are true or not, and finally win the game.


The player becomes a ghost after his death or after voting against him. Live players cannot see ghosts. But the ghosts can communicate with each other via chat, and the survivors who do not see such messages can also read the general game chat.

Ghosts gain the ability to pass and see through walls, as well as unlimited vision. The game does not end for you after you die, so giving up should not be an option for you.

A player that gave up after dying.A player that gave up after dying.
A player that gave up after dying.

Ghosts are not visible on cameras, and when there are ghosts behind the monitors, the lights on the cameras do not light up.

The ghost must help his team complete all their remaining tasks as quickly as possible.

Total tasks completed are still active when you are a ghost.Total tasks completed are still active when you are a ghost.
Total tasks completed are still active when you are a ghost.

CREWMATE'S GHOSTS - The ghost of a peaceful crew member cannot eliminate sabotage. When performing tasks with visible animation, you need to make sure that there are no alive players in the room since the impostor can assign the visible animation to himself and get into the credibility of the rest of the participants in the match.

Sabotaging everything else except doors has a timer common to all traitors. You should remember this and turn off the communication if a living impostor is under surveillance. You can close other members of the peaceful team to sow seeds of doubt.

IMPOSTOR'S GHOST - The ghost of a traitor appears in the game if there were initially several of them. Even after their death, they can arrange sabotage, helping the living villains. In the face of an impostor ghost, it is better to follow the killer and cover up his tracks. For example, before the destruction of the player by another intruder, you can lock the door. Also, blocking the doors is appropriate if a crew member is walking to the scene of an impending crime.

Ghosts, indeed, have few functions, but they are significant. You should not leave the match and fight for your team's victory until the very end, no matter which side you are on.


One of the most effective strategies to play as an impostor is to sabotage reactor or oxygen plant breakdowns. These objects are critical because if they are not repaired in time, all players will die, and the impostors will win.

Impostor camouflage with toilet paper.Impostor camouflage with toilet paper.
Impostor camouflage with toilet paper.


Be careful if you are playing as an impostor, sabotage, and then run-up to the control panel and pretend to be engaged in fixing installations. Once the other players realize that this is fiction, it will be too late.


If you want to master this game and add intrigue, then actually fix the breakdown after sabotaging! However, do this in front of other players so that they witness your "honesty" and sincerely believe that you are a peaceful member of the crew.


Common tasks can be used as bait for peaceful players. Just set up an ambush in the room where these tasks take place. Wait for the victim in the ventilation or stand at the control panel - perhaps the target will approach you by itself. Then the hour of reckoning for negligence will come!

Since these tasks are common, it is not strange that many players complete them simultaneously. Use those seconds of distraction and get a couple of easy kills.


It is recommended to immediately go into the next room and wait for another player in order not to get caught after the murder. After that, already with him, you can go to the body of the deceased.

After committing a murder, the best option would be to lock the doors. To block one or several doors, you need to open the map by clicking on the "Sabotage" button in the lower right corner and then on the cross in any room that you want to block. After that, having got out through the ventilation, it is again necessary to proceed to the room with the corpse together with a crew member. This will give you an alibi, and you will not be suspected.

If you have committed a murder and have nowhere to hide, you should cover the body with yourself. If you don't have a corpse sticking out on the screen because of you, then it won't be visible on the display of your opponents either.


When someone is watching the monitors in the security room, red lights on the security cameras start blinking. Impostors need to wait with the murder until the cameras stop winking.

You should be careful when using the ventilation holes; you are totally busted if you are seen leaving or entering the ventilation. Therefore, it is worth remembering all exit points and their blind spots.


You should not kill everyone indiscriminately; you only need a cold calculation. Better to start with the more experienced players and leave the beginners for later. In one way or another, players who have proven their innocence in villainous actions should be eliminated.

You should not murder the player with whom you were recently seen together. Studying all the cameras' locations is recommended so you don't accidentally kill an opponent when the video surveillance system is on (when someone is monitoring the admin panel).

The best post-kill tactic is to let the players find the bodies of the slain opponents themselves.


Voting may indirectly indicate your involvement in the crime. Therefore, you should not be silent when discussing the candidacy of the impostor. Try to speak briefly, quickly, and to the point, without unnecessary emotions. It is recommended that you refrain from accurately blaming the other player.

A feeling of bewilderment should be portrayed, just as other crew members do. Occasionally, you can voice your suspicions about another player. Try to build trust by working with your team and not voting against the innocent.

Don't try to prove the innocence of other players - it will work against you. In the final round, you can blame previously suspected characters or skip the vote altogether.