Apple's fully autonomous car is ready to hit the market

Some of the main features are already known.
One of the best kept secrets in the technological world is the Apple car design. Going back to 2014, this video presents everything we know so far about the creation of the idea of the technological giant to take part in the automotive industry.
The rumors said that in 2008 the legendary Apple CEO Steve Jobs was working on this idea but he gave it up due to the economic downturn at that time. In 2014 the Californian company officially launched its Titan project hiring thousands of car engineers and experts to work on developing a new vehicle. Now, nearly 7 years after the official announcement Apple is maybe close to delivering autonomous transport into life under the supervision of John Giannandrea, Apple's AI and machine learning chief.
And if there are vague guesses around the exact date of entering the market starting from 2024 (acc. To Reuters) or 2025/27 (Ming Chi Kuo) and the potential price (in the range of 55-100 000 USD), some of the car features are revealed: the interior will resemble a lounge without steering wheel or pedals, allowing full autonomous drive, automatic doors and virtual or augmented reality to be built into the displays. Zero driver involvement, clunky lidar sensors and spherical wheels that will allow the car to drive sideways. Along this, the strongest software, artificial intelligence and processing hardware are ensured.
Around the actual automotive hardware the experts speculate around some hot partnerships: earlier this year leaked information on close work with Hyundai or KIA; the recent great success of Nissan Leaf also puts a hint on being a potential partner as well as with Volkswagen and their collaboration on T6 transporter. Apple doesn't forget the eco credentials of it’s product and there is information on making a longer lasting and more efficient battery: which puts them in direct competition with Tesla and Elon Musk who is often publicly criticizing the future vehicle and the whole project.
All of the product benefits sound promising and we are looking forward to seeing them implemented!