Archero - Tips, Tricks, Heroes and Weapons Stats

A general guide how to skill up faster.
Archero is an arcade action game, where you as a loner archer should fight epic battles. At the end of this article you'll find everything you need to know about the gameplay, tactics, heroes, abilities, talents and more!

Angels and Demons

Angels and Demons may be one of the key points in the game to mention.
Demon can give you access to certain rare and powerful abilities. Knowing how to summon them can be very handy most of the time. For example, they can give you the extra live powerup. The only bad point is that you'd have to give up a certain amount of your HP, but sometimes it can be worth it.

It is guaranteed that demons are summoned after defeating any boss and not getting hit by them even once.

Otherwise, you'd get a lucky wheel, if you are not able to summon the Devil.

Angles on the other hand, don't have any cons, they offer two good choices every time they are summoned. It could be one minor ability boost, the other one could be either max HP or heal.
If you summon Demon usually, you should prefer choosing max HP (if available) when meeting Angel. The only exception not to choose this strategy should be when your health is very low and chances of dying in the next stage from one or few hits by the enemy are high.

Hero Mode

One of the biggest confusions could be the hero mode, and if it's worth it. Simply put, it is not, as it doesn't differ with the rewards from the normal mode that much and it is harder to play, as you should have your talents and abilities skilled up a bit more, than normal stages require.

Energy Management, Expeditions

Energy is the main source in the game to use and consume.
If you're low on energy, but you still want to play Archero, expedition is the way out. Expeditions let you choose all the power ups you'll have in that stage before it begins, they're short in gameplay time and fun to play, and they show you all the enemies you will have to deal with, so you can choose your power-ups correspondingly.


Check events for the rewards you need.
  • If you are in the need for money and xp, Up-close Dangers event is the one you need.
  • For spirit scrolls and equipment attend the Flying Bullets event.
  • If you have a friend to join you in Archero, play the Hero Duo. It's not gonna cost energy, only has limited attempts daily.
  • For sapphire: Evil Dungeon and Temple Escape


Talents are one of the most important and critical aspects of the game. Although you can't choose which one to upgrade (it's randomized), talents apply to all the heroes in the game, i.e. if you ever change your hero, the base stats can still be very high even in hero level 1, based on the talents that you have maxed.
Checkout the list created by Archero community for all the talents.


Gems are the most useful resources in the game, as you can get almost anything with them. The most important is that you can buy two of the most powerful heroes with gems (Helix - costs 1500 gems, Meowgik - 1800 gems).
Check out the list of Archero heroes stats here.
Once you've bought these two heroes the best way to spend gems elsewhere is to buy Obsidian Chests.Saving up for the Obsidian Chest x10 is obviously the best value, but it can be difficult to save 2600 gems. Best deal is to open individual Obsidian Chests, which provide a discount on subsequent opens. This means that by saving a more reasonable 840 gems you can open three Obsidian Chests in a row.


Abilities (or skills) have a major effect on your game result, i.e. if you've picked good abilities and combined them with the matching skills that boost your already consumed abilities, then the chances of winning and getting better rewards are high. Ideal choices will depend on the weapon you're already using as well. Tornado, for example, has a built-in pierce and bouncy wall effect, so adding those skills again will actually reduce overall damage. However your personal preferences may play a big role, so you may as well skip this section and enjoy the abilities you like.
Check out the best abilities stats here.


Archero is being updated with new features and events very frequently, so hop into the game, use the knowledge you've gained from this article and experiment with it. Explore the amazing universe of Archero.