From 386 lbs to a body builder - the amazing story of Krista Francis

This real life story is pretty inspiring: Krista is a young woman with two kids and in this video we learn about her body transformation. Being at 386 lbs or around 175 kg at her heaviest period she managed to lose 248 lbs or 112 for three and a half years. Her goal now is to start competing in bodybuilding so she can show off to the world and her children that anything is possible.
Let’s take a look at her incredible journey! While she was taking care of her son one day she realized that she can’t fit through the door and couldn’t help him to go to the bathroom. The moment of realization came for her and she needed additional help from her husband to be able to walk through the bathroom door. Ever since she realized that she can’t be of help to herself and her children.
Krista is sharing that during her teenage years she had obesity problems and is also confessing that she needed the emotional satisfaction from food. Her problems began to increase when people in her friends group started to make fun of her. The young woman became really determined when she became a mother and started taking care of her kids and took the decision that they need an example in their lives. So she started working out and following a special diet.
Three years and half later Krista is ready to compete in bodybuilding tournaments. And when she and her parents look at the body scars they know that she went through the whole journey all by herself and today is providing us and her son and daughter a wonderful example that anything is possible!