What's inside Area 51?

A short promenade with the aliens on Earth.
When we are talking about one of the most famous and protected zones on Earth which one comes first in your mind? Of course, it is Area 51! Right now these YouTubers are ready to show us inside and make us acquainted with one of the most mysterious areas keeping the secrets of the FBI and American AirForces. What are these buildings hiding? For decades the place evokes numerous speculations: are there aliens? Or diabolical weapons? And all that we get is that Area 51 is used as a flight testing facility.
Area 51, NV, marked as Homey Airport
Area 51, NV, marked as Homey Airport
But let’s get close to it. The place is located in Nevada, 85 miles from Las Vegas. Once you get there you will see the closest town of Rachel and on the horizon and there is the Groom lake. Of course, in order to get inside, one must have special credentials and pass the wired fence as well as the remote control cameras and, the invisible sensors around. Don’t be confused: the actual site is out of sight, located hundreds of yards away inside the walled zone. When entering you will see people coming by, military vans, and armed airplanes.
The whole zone is filled with more than just buildings or warehouses: The first location right after the entrance is the intriguing set of green containers: The Tempest vaults. They are a unique 6 angle shape which are able to suppress electric magnetic radiation. From here, there is no way of getting in unless you don’t pass the fingerprints and eye-retina scan.
Moving on, the next stop is  Hangar 18 where one can see a whole variety of the fastest and most modern planes at US army disposal with wings up to 235 feet; here is the Raptor F-22 accompanied by the F-35 Lighting II - each of them costing nearly 8o million dollars. In the next hangar are the retired aircraft: The Dragon Lady and the famous from the Cold War SR - 71 Blackbird having a top speed of 2193 miles an hour. In the last hangar is the unusual shape of the Tacit blue airplane and the Bird of Prey.
After crossing the longest runway that extends up to the Groom Lake, we reach the final closed secret room. We will never know what can be found there. But everything in the zone is funded under the highly classified government black-budget. After growing substantially since 1947 it reached 81,1 billion dollars in 2019 alone. This entire cash goes to classified activities to CIA, NSA, and air forces for mysterious categories. So, let’s leave Nevada and we can continue with the speculation.