Good Pizza, Great Pizza - Tips, Tricks & Resources

How to build and grow the greatest local pizza restaurant.
Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a game that took restaurant-management games to a new level, providing a great functionality, mixture of fun and complexity in the best dose possible. Your customers can order pizza in normal or completely weird ways, and as the owner of the place your goal is to make it for them as quickly/high-quality as you can to make the most money possible.
This article will provide you with the best tips available to build your businessand grow it.


Each customer has a level of patience, which strictly affects the tips you'll get at the end of the order. To keep the customer's patience as high as possible you should try to never ask them the question "What?", if another option is available, and by the time you have taken the order, try to make it as quick as possible (of course, not forgetting about the quality).
Avoid using "What?" when answering a client's request.Avoid using "What?" when answering a client's request.
Avoid using "What?" when answering a client's request.

Basic Assumptions

Always try to stick to the basic assumptions regarding the order, until the customer explicitly didn't ask for its absence. This means you always have to add:
  • Bread
  • Sauce
  • Cheese
Adding the default ingredients - bread, sauce, cheese.Adding the default ingredients - bread, sauce, cheese.
Adding the default ingredients - bread, sauce, cheese.
Another standard is the six sliced pizza, so serve the order with sixslices until the customer tells you to make it differently cut.
Six sliced pizza.Six sliced pizza.
Six sliced pizza.


Ingredients are one of the most important aspects of the game, as they're the key objects that you make money using. Unlike other restaurant-management games, in Good Pizza, Great Pizza, you pay for each ingredient you use, so try to avoid using way too much condiment if not necessary. Try to experiment with which minimal amount of sauce, cheese, pepperoni, etc. will be enough for you to both please the customers and not get bankrupt.
It's completely fine to decline a customer's order, if they want a pizza with the toppings that you haven't unlocked yet. So try to be aware of what ingredients you have unlocked already.
Unlocked toppings.Unlocked toppings.
Unlocked toppings.


Another major point for providing a good order is to understand what the customer wants. This can be hard sometimes, as many weird orders require a complete breakdown word by word.
For example, if a customer asks for a pizza that looks like the sunrise, then give them the standard sauce and cheese. If they ask for a half cheese bread and half sauce bread, serve them a half cheese only and a half sauce only. If they ask for a super extra crispy pizza, run it through the oven THREE times (well done is two times).
You'll memorize and be comfortable with most of the weird orders that you get. Try to remember what the order was about by memorizing specific keywords from the order, and you'll be able to make the orders fast and without any confusion.
A weird order by an invisible customer.A weird order by an invisible customer.
A weird order by an invisible customer.

Poor Customers

It is a common mistake to reject poor customers, which are usually in need of food or money. As you give them everything they need, they'll profoundly surprise you after a few game-days of playing. In the case of the food needs, make the quickest and simplest pizza possible for them (bread, sauce, cheese). So try to keep some extra money in your pocket just in case. After all, it feels good to help people in need!
Poor customer seeking help.Poor customer seeking help.
Poor customer seeking help.


Zazoom is the in-game delivery company, which makes the whole game much more entertaining and realistic. It is a great way to earn some extra money and get the upgrades you need faster. There are three deliveries available each game day. You can accept them, prepare and store the pizzas for the delivery before the pick time has come.
Delivery options with ZaZoom.Delivery options with ZaZoom.
Delivery options with ZaZoom.


Quests provide extra money as well, they're usually small, and easy to do. You'll get a new quest every 24h. The variations of daily quests are:
  • Make 20 pizzas
  • Earn 50 tips
  • Boost the oven 3 times
The last one is possible to do without spending any money, if you're connected to the internet.
Oven booster quest.Oven booster quest.
Oven booster quest.
Oven booster speed boost.Oven booster speed boost.
Oven booster speed boost.


Upgrades can be very handy for speeding up your game, getting more tips, and relaxing more frequently like a real pizza restaurant owner! Try to purchase all the upgrades as fast as possible (without forgetting, of course, about keeping some extra money).
Go and build your pizza empire from scratch or make an already existing one better by using the tips we provided you! Experiment, fail, learn, and repeat with appetite.