Albus - Hero Wars Dominion Era

Albus pet guide, pros, cons, skills, and patronage in Hero Wars Dominion Era.
Albus in Hero Wars Dominion Era
Albus in Hero Wars Dominion Era

Albus is a great combo for teams with pure-damage heroes. Even if it deals pure damage independently, it is most effective with at least one pure damage hero. The reason for this is his Concentration skill, which gains more damage based on the pure damage dealt to the enemy team.

Albus can be used as a counter to the front-line heroes because its first skill is focusing on heroes with the highest health, which are usually tanks.
Albus is a pet that weakens the enemy team and it is considered a good all-around pet.
  • Deals pure damage (ignores armor and magic defense)
  • Increases the pure damage for its patron
  • Suitable for long fights
  • Commonly used in guild raids
  • Targets the enemy with the highest health


  • Not the best pick for mage heroes
Albus Max Hero Stats
Max Power184543
Patronage Power11064
Skill Power12360
Armor penetration47911
Albus Bonus Stats
Magic attack+9958
Physical attack+6970
Albus Resources Needed
Pet Potion
Chaos Particle
Soul Stones

Albus Patronage

Albus pairs well with Jhu due to the hero's pure damage ability. Jhu deals pure damage, which boosts Albus' stats, and on the other side, Albus also boosts Jhu's pure damage.
Albus can also be used with Corvus and increase the damage that his altar does.
Aside from boosting heroes that can perform pure damage, Albus can also increase the physical attack and magic attack damage of Qing Mao, Yasmine, and Ishmael, and even help on defense with Rufus against mage teams.

Albus Skills

Albus Breath of the Ancients Skill
Breath of the Ancients
Albus strikes at the enemy with the highest Health, dealing Pure damage.
Damage: 243567 (depends on Skill Power)
Albus Concentration Skill
Breath of the Ancients now takes 3 seconds to charge and gains bonus damage, depending on all Pure damage dealt to the enemy team while the skill is charging.
Deals 200% (depends on Skill Power) of Pure damage dealt by allies while Breath of the Ancients is charging

Patronage Skill

Albus Pure Victory Skill
Pure Victory
Increases Pure damage dealt by the master.
Adds 75% (depends on Patronage power) damage
* The hero skills are based on maxed level skill on maxed hero.