How a startup can revolutionize the construction business?

Sustainable blocks mark the end of people in need of a house.
Housing construction has never been so easy: a young German company starts producing bricks that resemble Lego toy sets and offers everyone who wants an affordable place to live a revolutionary way to design and build their dwellings. In this video, Andreas Kunsmann, the CEO of the Polycare start-up, shows their innovative way of building new houses and how easy everything could become.
Coming from the small town of Suhl in Eastern Germany, Polycare demonstrated the potential future of the construction business: the bricks for the house are assembled in the same way the kids use Lego. The blocks are easy to carry, and there is no need to add mortar or glue. They are plugged together with ring anchors. This is not only a much cheaper way; it is much more uncomplicated and effortless. Moreover, Andreas says that this construction system provides us one extra: you can dismantle your house whenever you want and rebuild it with a completely new design.
A floor (or 1080 sq.m) of such a house takes one week to be built. The buildings are safe and steady, and Polycare claims that such material is five times more secure than the usual concrete because it needs fewer materials. An example of how such houses could be used is the last project of our start-up: they already built around 100 houses in Namibia and used local sand to offer affordable housing to the people there.