How to make a robot that carves photos into pumpkins?

When an old scientific method helps to write a software for carving a pumpkin.
One of the kids-favorite holidays during the year is Halloween: dressed up in scary costumes they are walking around the neighborhood picking lots of candies. We should not forget the famous pumpkin lanterns carved in different shapes and bringing a cozy ambience of the fall.
Being right after Halloween the YouTuber from Stuff Made Here channel show us how he carves different pictures into a pumpkin. Inspired by the holiday he has this idea to transform his hair cutting robot into a pumpkin cutting machine, have fun and surprise his daughter. The whole explanation is quite simple: for him, cutting hair and carving pumpkins isn't really that different. When you spend a minute to think about it, they both cut stuff off a roughly pumpkin sized spheroid.
How does it happen: the hair cutting robot that our hero has is a special machine with an ending (a scissor) that can cut hair. The plan is only to replace the hair cutting attachment with a sprindle and adapt it to carve the pumpkin. What actually happens is that the process is not that easy and the machine needed much more attention and remaking and the home-plasma cutter involved to produce the missing structures.
After the whole hardware preparation, the robot requires a software: to list all of the steps the robot needs to execute in order to map and start visualizing the picture. Here comes the help of the good-old-renaissance science.
Mercator projection of the world.
Mercator projection of the world.
Our character uses a special technique called Mercator technique known from 1569. Back in the centuries the flemish geographer Gerardus Mercator used this method to make cyllindrical maps and it became a standard for navigation representing north as up and south as down. In our case it is all we need: measure the pumpkin and metucously explain to the robot how to carve it obediently from one pumpkin pole to the other. After hours of a complicated code writing his wife picture is carved on the pumpkin. Unfortunately after the deliberation she ranks her pictures with a 3 out of 10 but the rest of the carved images are amazing.