RIP Flash: The Iconic Flash Games of Our Time

We're going on a trip to childhood with the best flash games of all time.
You should've noticed by now that your internet browser has been blocking Flash, and you had to give your approval for every interaction with this multimedia software platform. But darker days have arrived. Adobe will absolutely kill Flash Player by December 31, 2020, because of its obsolescence, inefficiency, and security weaknesses. 
Flash had an unexpectedly long life span, especially after people swore it would end back in 2010 when Steve Jobs banned it from Apple's products. Adobe's product will always be remembered for the glorious times of simple but addictive games stopping us from playing outside "as normal kids do."
Let's enjoy it while it lasts and give honor to somе of these old-school gems! How many of these ICONIC online flash games do you remember? We gathered 23 names for you!

Fancy Pants Adventure

This is, hands down, one of the best Flash games ever made! Fancy Pants is a stick figure fighting with obstacles and villains. Simple yet fascinating, this game offered quite a lot for its time. We want to thank the developer of the game - Brad Borne, for making our days brighter!
Brad Borne

The Impossible Quiz

You probably remember this one because you replayed all the levels over and over again and tried to memorize all the answers. The urge to get to the last level was just too tempting! The good news is our efforts were not in vain, because the creator Splapp-Me-Do has immortalized "The Impossible Quiz" in HTML5. Thanks!
Splapp-Me-Do, Etinogard, Metal Alex, and Rabble

Fireboy & Watergirl

We keep the epic list going with this memorable 2-player game with tons of tricky levels. With the help of good cooperation and team playing, you and your friend have to escape from a temple. The developer Oslo Albet continued the adventure in five-part series.  
Oslo Albet

The Waitress

This game's concept is as simple as it sounds. You must take all the orders on time and make your boss happy because apparently, it’s your first day as a waitress. Back in the day, the graphics were very eye-catching and memorable, thanks to Dmitry Zheltobriukhov.
Dmitry Zheltobriukhov


This role-playing game puts you in one room with crying babes who want to be fed, held, and showered. You’re the babysitter who can upgrade the kindergarten with cooler furniture, cute toys or build more rooms. You can even hire other babysitters and grow your business. There's a full version of the game by Youda Games.
Youda Games

Bartender: The Right Mix

You point it - he makes it! Find the perfect combination for a mind-blowing cocktail. Beware, the bartender can be moody, and if he hates your drink - the game is over. We remember when people wrote down on paper different "recipes" trying to beat the game.
A cheat from us: Try to add half vodka, a little bit of sambuca, cognac, and lime juice. And a lot of ice. If Flash doesn’t work, try it IRL. This game was designed and built for the UK's largest commercial property development and investment company - Land Securities.
Land Securities

Kakato Otoshi

Time flies when you’re playing Kakato Otoshi! You’re a shoemaker who has to help women in need - they are struggling with too high heels, a widely known problem for ladies all around the world! Your task is to remove inches of the heels without hurting the customer.

The Scary Maze

There’s a big chance you’ve been scarred for a lifetime by this game. We all know how it goes after level 3. The game is made by the developer Jeremy Winterrowd and was sent via email around Halloween as a prank. The terrifying jump scare is an image of Regan MacNeil from the classic horror movie "The Exorcist."
Jeremy Winterrowd

Bubble Shooter

If you love arcade games, Bubble Shooter is a must-play. It’s classic, addictive, and simple. Now everyone is playing at least one similar game on their phone.
Absolutist, Ilyon Dynamics


The beautiful design and colors of this game made it feel mesmerizing. Before you even know, you will be on level 7 trying to figure out how to win a "Hole in one" trophy. Developed by Code This Lab.
Code This Lab

Papa's Pizzeria

It's not only Papa's Pizzeria. In fact, it's all of Papa Louie's games. There's just something special in this developers' studio's recipes that makes their games so addictive! This was among the first minigames that kept us entertained for weeks.
Papa Louie

Red Ball

This game is a classic, and if you had a Nokia C3 or Sony Xpressmusic. Later we were obsessed with "Red Ball" once again on PC. Your task is to keep the character alive, bypassing obstacles. 
FDG Entertainment

This is the Only Level

This is the Only Level... except it’s not. The game is like Easter-Egg hunting. We'Рe still wondering how did the elephant forget all the other levels? Check out jmtb02 Studios' other creative work.
jmtb02 Studios


The Ultimate Flash Sonic is a classic one & all the 90's kids were in love! The fastest hedgehog is battling with his enemies in a multi-level web-based browser game. Go back on a nostalgia trip by collecting rings and running away from traps.
Dennis Gid


Back in the day, it wasn’t the visuals that mattered but the thought. We believe this stick man game proves our point. This game was enjoyable to play even when you’re competing against the computer.


Did you know that Frogger origins from 1981?! Sega totally changed the game industry with the Sonic character and Frogger. Why did the frog cross the road? We don't know, but we were pretty concerned about it.


Speaking of frogs, at some point, the puzzle game "Zuma" was available everywhere! You could play it on your PC, Playstation, PDA, or TV. Everyone was matching the same colored balls until they disappeared from the screen.

PopCap Games, Oberon Media, Jason Kapalka

Grow Cube

This flash game required a lot of thought and replays. At the beginning of the screen, the player has one cube and different options to grow life and turn the empty figure into a habitation. Everyone was struggling so badly in a search for a walkthrough! EYEZMAZE then did a whole Grow series.

Crimson Room

That's one of the most memorable escape games of our time. By clicking on the screen, the user can walk around the room and find different clues. If you are wondering what was hiding behind that door - well, it was a long ending screen with credits.
Dream Holdings, TAKAGISM Inc.

Stunt Dirt Bike

"Stunt Dirt Bike" was highly rated on every website with adventurous games. The game is not that easy as it looks - in fact, the developers made it really challenging to play. The main struggle was to keep balance and to master the levels as fast as possible.
Addicting Games

Who Wants To Be a Millionaire

How smart are you? Challenge your mind with "Who wants to be a millionaire?". This game was a version of the popular international TV show. Over the years, many contestants trained their future TV performance and overall knowledge with the updated version of this game.

Tattoo Artist

Just like in real life, you are an artist who has to deal with many customers with questionable tattoo ideas. Then, you ink them (as good as you can) and move on. NO REGRETS.

Super Smash Flash 2

We are ending our list with the classic and all-time favorite Super Smash Flash 2. The creators of this spin-off amazed us with a wide variety of characters, universes, and special moves - Mario, Yoshi, Sonic, PAC-MAN, Pikachu - they were all there! This game was the ultimate crossover of our childhood, and we want to thank McLeodGaming for the sweet memories.
It was good living in the Flash childhood. We hope that you had fun on our throwback journey. Keep the memories alive!