Axel - Hero Wars Dominion Era

Axel pet guide, pros, cons, skills, and patronage in Hero Wars Dominion Era.
Axel in Hero Wars Dominion Era
Axel in Hero Wars Dominion Era

Axel is one of the most universal pets in the game. It is used in many teams due to its high number of patronage heroes.

Axel is good against teams that do huge amounts of single-target damage because it can distribute the damage in between ally heroes. It also has great synergy with teams that have good healing setups because this will activate its Healthy Snack skill.
  • The most universal pet
  • Distributes physical and damage team between all team heroes
  • It can be used with a lot of heroes
  • Useful mainly in defense
  • Patronage is primary for healers
Axel Max Hero Stats
Max Power184543
Patronage Power11064
Skill Power12360
Magic penetration47911
Axel Bonus Stats
Magic attack+9958
Axel Resources Needed
Pet Potion
Chaos Particle
Soul Stones

Axel Patronage

Axel is very useful when used in combination with healing heroes. This makes Axel a perfect combo for Thea, Maya, Dorian, Celeste, Martha, Alvanor, and Jet.


Despite the fact healers are its primary patronage heroes, Axel can be used with Amira, Satori, or Lars, so they have enough time to activate their deadly skills.

Axel Skills

Axel Bubbles of Justice! Skill
Bubbles of Justice!
Axel applies a shield that distributes physical and magic damage taken by allies between all heroes, proportional to their remaining health.
The shield can distribute 685800 (depends on Skill Power) damage.
Axel Healthy Snack! Skill
Healthy Snack!
Axel grows a magical seaweed under the ally with the lowest health. That seaweed increases all healing received for 10 seconds. The seaweed activates when healing is first received.
Increases healing received by 49.97% (depends on Skill Power)

Patronage Skill

Axel Defensive Blub! Skill
Defensive Blub!
Axel protects the owner from powerful attacks.
Damage from a single attack cannot exceed 45% (depends on Patronage Power) of a hero's maximum health
* The hero skills are based on maxed level skill on maxed hero.