This guy washes his dishes in the laundry machine

And why we should not consider altering the way we regularly do our dishes.
In this video, The King of Random guys answer one relevant question: can we wash dishes in a laundry machine and how does its spine cycle would affect them. No joke aside, they showcase the dishwashing-in-a-laundry process: first, take all the precautious measures and put exclusively plastic dishes and then, make sure there is inside all that needs to be cleaned such as barbecue sauce, stains from Coke, melting cheese, jam, or simply everything that is driving us nuts when found a stain from it on our clothes.
Afterward, the process is quite similar to laundry but with dishes: you pour all of the dirty plates, add the detergent and adjust the program you want: a bright white, color, cold... In about 40-50 minutes the cups, the trays, the plates were all nested and sorted in one another. However, the result wasn’t the one that all of us expected as the dishes came out gross and greasy: the cheese and the jam left stains all over the laundry box and on the dishes.