Reasons Why You Have No Right Swipes

If you have less than 50 right swipes this article is for you. Here are the most common reasons for your bad luck in online dating.
If you suffer from a lack of right swipes, we have a few assumptions about your dating profile. By following our tips, you will most likely increase the number of your matches and may even find the partner of your dreams. Who knows, sometimes dating apps can do wonders.

You said too much in your bio

Nobody likes it when they open a profile and eventually, get lost in too much information and long paragraphs. Unnecessary info and tons of emojis can be a "No-no!" (if someone even bothers reading it all). Keep it simple - a few words about you, your interests, work and hobbies are enough. Revealing too much kills the mystery of your character. 
We advise you to not mention religion or politics in your bio, and also, NEVER demand on your profile (for example: "If you are "that-type-of-person", swipe left"). If you have a restrictive mindset, most probably dating platforms are not the right place for your desires. Think adequately when writing about yourself and don't write clichés like "I like long walks on the beach & picnics".

Sorry, early birds

It’s a fact that people are more active on dating apps around 8-10 PM, so if you're an early bird, you have to be patient throughout the day. Your swiping results will be way higher in the evening so you have plenty of time to think of the best conversation openers. Plus, from a psychological perspective, evenings are loners' time, so people are most likely to answer you. 

Can't remember to forget you

Every time a woman installs a dating app her phone blows up in minutes and every other swipe is a match! Well, that’s the reason why quite often girls tend to forget what (and with whom) they talked the previous day. 
It may sound harsh, but women are like rare creatures on dating platforms, so they have the right to get bored easily. For real, men outnumber women on Tinder by 9 to 1. So try your best to be memorable, show interest and keep the conversation going.

Really, in the first 10 minutes?

Taking the conversation to another app is the leveling up of modern dating. It can be exciting but don't rush it. Not everyone is willing to suddenly share their other social media profiles, embarrassing group photos, and friend list. 
On the other hand, if the person you're talking to is pushing you to add them on Instagram, there's a big chance they are trying to promote their account and gain followers. Sorry for that! 

Look at me, I'm so funny!

Group photos can be annoying, but if you have more than two "silly photos" in your profile, you should probably reconsider. There are way smarter ways to prove that you are funny.
You may be the soul of the company and have an outstanding sense of humor but these photos send the message that you aren't serious in your intentions. It's like you’re holding a big sign saying "I'm here to joke around and screenshot for my friends our private conversations".

You're not ugly, your photos suck

Speaking of the importance of photos, most of the time people swipe left not because you're ugly, but because your photos are low quality or are just the same three pictures of you in the same pose. Also, don't start off your dating profile with a very old photo of yourself, this can be very confusing. 
Don't be boring! Show off yourself traveling, playing sports, doing hobbies or simply enjoying life. The more scenarios in your images, the easier for others to picture you as the main role in their life.

You're not texting first ;)

And last, but not least…
You're simply not texting first. No matter your gender or sexual orientation, if you want to start a conversation you should make an effort to spark an interesting conversation! After all, there's nothing to lose.