What do you need to become an Olympic surf champion?

A physical test will help us understand better.
2020 already has passed and people all around the world crave for getting back to their life before the pandemic. And when we are talking about “normality”, let’s check what we have missed last year. Among the numerous events that were canceled last year, one of the biggest ones was the 32nd Olympics in Tokyo. Originally it should have been held in July 2020 but due to the severe conditions caused by the COVID-19 in March, the Olympiad was rescheduled for July 2021.
Among all disciplines and players looking forward to going to Japan, there is one competition that is especially impatient to be presented: surfing was supposed to make its debut as the International Olympic Committee is intentionally bringing more vibrant and youthful events into the Olympic program.
In this video, we are observing a quick check-up to Costa Rican surfer star Brisa Hennessy in a sports science lab to discover how well does her anatomy power evolve and is she ready to perform under the five circle flag. The former American Olympian Lolo Jones is accompanying Brisa in her visit to UFC Performance Institute: one of the biggest specialized centers for different types of sports.
Brisa is 21 years old with the perfect measures for a surfer: 160 cm height and 63 kg, she thinks being a surfer is making her closer to be able to achieve her dream - to be able to fly.
Dexa scan checks what her muscle fat composition looks like; the countermovement jump test is giving results for her explosiveness and strength in her legs; the prone row test is providing the strength endurance in Brisa upper body and the most difficult one: the special anaerobic metabolic tests checks on how much force and energy she can produce. The results are phenomenal as our favorite Costa Rican surfer has explosivity and strength as any tennis, rowing, and soccer players.
Using a specific order of tests Lolo and Brisa are following how developed are her power, endurance, and stability so we can get some very useful insights about her body and strength.
So, it is confirmed: Brisa is ready to compete, and let’s hope we can see her on the podiums in Tokyo.