Celebrating Meowoween With Your Cat

Halloween isn't just a human holiday.
by Asen Dimchev
Cats aren't just our favorite feline pets, they are a big part of Halloween. No witch is complete without her cat familiar and the black cat has always had an undeserved spooky reputation. Let's explore all the ways you can incorporate your cat into a Halloween costume.
If you're not afraid to get a bit silly and want to do a scene everyone will recognize, you can try out dressing up as Rafiki from the Lion King and getting your cat an adorable mane. When requested, you can always recreate the iconic opening scene by lifting your Simba up in the air.

Ripley and Jones

The Alien franchise is full of iconic characters, but you don’t need to dress up like a black, banana head alien in order to be recognizable. All you have to do is dress up like one of the characters from the original Alien and get a cat that looks similar to the ginger tomcat Jones. Of course, the most recognizable costume has to be Ripley.

Dr. Evil and Mr. Bigglesworth

Dr. Evil and Mini Me are a favorite costume combination for parents with small kids. However, before acquiring his smaller clone, Dr. Evil had his iconic cat, Mr. Bigglesworth. This can work on two levels, as Mr. Bigglesworth is seen both with a thick coat of hair and as completely hairless after the cryogenic process. Of course, don’t shave your cat... or add fur to it.

Don Corleone and his cat

Is there a more iconic movie character than the Godfather himself, Vito Corleone? And he’s seen with his cat, making him both more relatable, but also hinting at the claws hidden underneath. This costume can be both easy to achieve and instantly recognizable, provided you have the right mustache and facial expression.

Sabrina and Salem

It wouldn't be Halloween without witches. Sabrina and Salem are an iconic duo that’s still relevant because of the recent Chilling Adventures of Sabrina show on Netflix. If you don't have a cat, you can always order a realistic plush cat and pretend it’s the animatronic puppet from the original Sabrina sitcom.

Make sure your cat is fine with it

Bear in mind that all cats are different and some may not have the same patience for your human rituals. If your feline friend isn't feeling the spirit of the holiday, just leave it be and focus on a different costume. Avoid painting or even dyeing your cat in weird colors, as this is known to cause discomfort and even injuries. Keep Halloween safe and fun for all species involved.