10 Famous People We Have All Admired and Disliked at Some Time

Polarizing figures, celebrities evoke both love and hate from millions of people, whether it be due to their actions offscreen or onscreen. A rollercoaster of emotions can be experienced when it comes to one's attitude towards even their most beloved celebrity. The following list comprises the top celebrities with whom the masses have had a love/hate relationship.


Kanye West


It must be acknowledged that the man possesses extraordinary musical talent and has been the backdrop to numerous important moments in our lives.

Controversy arose when he began stirring up drama on stage involving Taylor Swift, and he proceeded to make numerous egotistical remarks, such as claiming his mention in the Bible.

Recently, it has been revealed that Kanye battles with bipolar disorder, which can provide some explanation for his behavior.

However, it remains unacceptable to seize a woman's moment on stage, and equally unacceptable to harass the new partner of one's ex-wife.