10 Famous Transgender Stars Revolutionizing Television

As differing identities are increasingly accepted and understood by society, the media and entertainment industry reflect this progress. The representation of formerly marginalized and hidden identities, such as those within the LGBTQIA+ community, has been gradually improving.

A long overdue shift towards better representation of transgender people is now taking place. Transgender actors are being increasingly cast in television shows and movies, bringing new depth and understanding to their roles. These actors possess a common characteristic of bravery and are willing to be trailblazers for their community. Without their contributions, our collective movement towards a better society would be less advanced.

Characters portrayed by these actors encompass a diverse range of lifestyles, professions, characteristics, and emotions. Through their performances, they demonstrate that the transgender identity deserves respect and appreciation. They also highlight the fact that transgender individuals have a rich array of experiences and personalities that cannot be solely defined by their gender identity.

To learn more about these incredible actors, explore the work of these transgender celebrities who are making a transformative impact on television.


Zion Moreno


The Gossip Girl reboot features Zion Moreno as one of its stars, who first gained fame through her role in the Netflix series Control Z.