Beauty Trends: Comparing Gen Z and Millennials

A dead giveaway for identifying a millennial is the presence of numerous smiley emojis, skinny jeans, or even a side part in the hair.

On the contrary, Gen Z'ers exhibit a higher level of trendiness compared to the speaker, and can be identified by their TikTok dance moves, crop tops inspired by Euphoria, and resin rings.

The ability to observe searches based on particular age groups is now made possible thanks to Pinterest.


Red Eyeshadow: Millennials


Contrary to popular belief, it appears that crazier looks are not being experimented with by Gen Z as one might assume. Rather, a preference for more subtle and mature appearances is sought after by younger individuals, while it is the Millennials who are pushing boundaries in the realms of beauty and fashion.

Presented below are essential beauty trends that are worth knowing for both Millennials and Gen Z.