A Life's Guide During Times of Uncertainty

How to Prosper 🖖 & Live Well Indoors
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These past few days, things have changed significantly for many of us worldwide.
Several countries are now officially under quarantine. Those that aren't, are about to. People who work in a few key industries still have the right to go out for work. If work isn't a priority or if they can work remotely, they can still walk their dog, go shopping or to the pharmacy, go to the doctor if it's really necessary and go for a quick run in their neighborhood. That’s pretty much the gist of it.
Some people are with their own families, some are with their other half or with their roomies, while others have to face confinement by themselves. In some cases, without their families and partners.
The situation isn't an easy one but it's a necessity to avoid overcrowding our already tense healthcare system. And for those of you that do not have this privilege and are still free of movement, please, limit your outings to a strict minimum. It's going to get worse before it gets better.
So, what can we do to keep ourselves occupied and most importantly, happy?

Keep Your Body Happy, Your Mind Will Follow

Whether you are indoors or outdoors, keeping fit is crucial to keep your body happy and your mind sane. That also applies if you have little ones, it will be paramount to get them tired at night. And well, that’s also important for your peace of mind!
Have some family fun with PopSugar Fitness.
For those of you that could use some zen, try 30 Days of Yoga with the delightful Adriene.
If yoga or aerobics aren't your thing, you can find many different types of home-based exercises that can be done without equipment. If you enjoy a good sweat, try HIIT – aka High-Intensity Interval Training – websites such as Darebee offer hundreds’ different workouts and challenges.
Additionally, why not set a workout via Skype or WhatsApp with your friends or family? You can do a yoga session with your gran or challenge your best mate to do push-ups until failure. Whatever rocks your boat!
Just keep in mind that this isn't about torture or pushing yourself until your whole body crumbles, this is about having fun while maintaining (or improving) your fitness.
By yourself or with your maybe reluctant partner, your mother, your brother, your best mate, your kiddos, enjoy a good sporty craic (an Irish & Scottish slang for fun) to release the tension.
Note: For the lucky ones that are with their partners, there's also another way to release tensions...

Some Ideas to Relax and Have Fun

Some days will be boring but you can bypass boredom with a healthy dose of creativity and some imagination. For those of us who where born before the advent of the “tech life”, you know what I am talking about.
Create stories with your kiddos, use your dusty paint brushes, fix your tired furniture, play cards or a good ole board game, start reading the lovely books that you have never touched, do some sewing, clean that pesky blind...
Well, the possibilities are near-limitless. Thus, figure out things that you haven't been able to do for a while (or never did) and get going!
With the kids - or big kids - you could finally start that huge 1000 piece puzzle. Or learn a new song all together. For the crafty minds, you could improvise a cardboard fort or a fairy tent with some old sheets. Or set up a treasure hunt and go wild in a fantastic world.
Finally, creating a simple daily schedule will help you with activities and it will also do wonders to take care of your mental health.

A Few Words Before We Part

While keeping yourself knowledgeable about the current crisis is important, limit your intake of daily news. 30 minutes per day is more than enough to keep up-to-date with the actuality, while also keeping your sanity.
Find ludicrous excuses to laugh. During hard times, laughter is one of the best free therapies! Another good therapy is writing in a diary, it helps you pinpoint your anxieties, to better get rid of them. For those who really need something centering, mindfulness is the way to go. You will find many free resources online to start your practice.
Moreover, many websites and entertainment networks are offering their subscriptions or premium memberships for free, make sure to check what’s available in your country.
And most of all, especially, if you are dealing with confinement by yourself, take time to contact your loved ones. If you haven't got unlimited calls, ask your friend or family member to download WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber or any other free messaging app.
We are social creatures, whether we want to or not. So, make some time to talk about everything and anything with those who matter. You might feel lonely but you aren’t alone in this.
Keep strong, keep busy and have fun!