Covet Fashion - Tips & Tricks to Supercharge Your Dress Up Game

Your ultimate guide to building your dream virtual closet and leveling up your gaming experience without spending a single dime.
If fashion and creativity are flowing through your veins, then Covet Fashion is a game that will complement your personality perfectly. It is a virtual shopping and styling game that features the latest fashion trends from real-world brands such as Calvin Klein, Rachel Zoe, Badgley, and more! Aside from building your dream virtual closet, this game allows you to makeover your avatar with fabulous items and hundreds of fascinating makeup and hairstyles to choose from!
Your main goal is to dress the avatar up with appropriate clothing based on the requirements, and your fellow players will cast a vote and decide if they are hot on the fashion scene! If you earn a 4 or higher score, you will win clothing items and cash that you can use to purchase garments. Every time you purchase a garment, your closet value increases, allowing you to level up in the game.
The real challenge with this game is not gaining 4-5 star looks--it is running out of cash. It's easy if you don't mind spending cash, but if you're short on budget, here's an extensive list of tips and tricks to level up your gaming experience without spending a single dime.

Join a Fashion House

Plenty of benefits await you if you are a member of a fashion house.
A fashion house with 10 out of 10 active members.
A fashion house with 10 out of 10 active members.

You can ask members for advice on your looks, and most importantly, you can save plenty of cash by borrowing clothes or accessories from members within your fashion house.


There are times when your request will get rejected as there are strict fashion houses. They will only allow you to join unless you're at a certain level. Don't let this discourage you but instead, keep on searching for a fashion house, and if you can't find one, you have the option to create your own fashion house!

Borrow clothing items from friends

Linking your game with your Facebook account allows you to save your progress and borrow clothing items from your Facebook friends. Awesome, right? Try to borrow the most expensive item because you can only do it once a day.

Collect Daily Rewards

Every day, you will receive a reward worth 100 diamonds and 20 tickets. You can use the diamonds to buy garments or tickets.
Tickets are another type of currency that you can use to enter challenges.
If you don't have many diamonds to spare, you can vote on the looks of previous challenges to earn more tickets. You will earn two tickets for every five votes you cast.

Enter the daily challenge

Enter the daily 500 Challenge if you're running low on cash because this is the only challenge that will reward you with $500 plus other wardrobe items. Another good thing about it is that there are no clothing requirements, which means you can enter this challenge without spending money on garments.
Intergalactic explorer daily challenge.Intergalactic explorer daily challenge.
Intergalactic explorer daily challenge.

Enter Jet Set Challenges

One of the game's highlights is the Jet Set Challenge. The concept is that your avatar is traveling around the world, and you have to style her based on the location she is currently in.
One good thing about the Jet Set challenge is that the requirements are fairly simple, which makes it a lot easier to win. Similar to other challenges, you will have to earn at least 4 stars to win.
Though the challenges in Jet Set do not offer a prize, you still have to make an effort to win because when you earn a sufficient number of stars, you can unlock new destinations and get rewarded with 500 diamonds.

Maximize Your Bonus

Whenever you enter an event or a challenge, your score is determined by the votes cast by other players. However, there are two different ways to supercharge your score and increase the likelihood of winning the challenge.
  • Try to wear as many items as possible from the current season. The greater the value of your look in the current season, the greater the bonus points you receive.
  • Unworn items can also boost your bonus points, including the items you borrow. Similar to the items from the current season, the greater the value of your unworn items, the greater bonus points you'll receive. You can even use unworn items without adding them to your overall look to increase your bonus points.

Complete The Styling Spree

Every week there is a competition called the "Styling Spree" which allows you to win expensive wardrobe items. It's super easy to win - you only have to participate in 28 daily or time-limited challenges. You will be rewarded with an item worth around $3000 and up once you complete all 28 challenges! This is a great way to increase your closet value without splurging on items.

Join a Runaway Rally

Once you become a member of a fashion house, you are eligible to participate in a Runway Rally. You can think of Runway Rally as a Team Game. Every month, you and the other team members need to complete a new board puzzle, and the only way to obtain board pieces is by winning as many stars as you all can!
Once your Head of House starts a Rally, a select number of challenges automatically become a "Rally" challenge. You can start collecting board pieces by participating in these challenges to earn stars and meet goals.
Keep in mind that your board will reset each month, so make sure your House actively participates in Rallies throughout the month to earn as many prizes as you possibly can. The prizes range from diamonds to exclusive garments and hair accessories to help you progress in the game.

Take Advantage of Tap Joys

Once you get hooked on this game, there will be times where you'll be tempted to buy diamonds. However, if you're willing to put in the extra effort, you can get them for free. This is where Tapjoy comes in handy. Tapjoy gives you the option to complete exclusive offers in exchange for premium currency, which are diamonds. The tasks that you need to complete range from downloading an app to watching ads and more.
Pro Tip: Wait for double diamond events to double the diamond rewards for the same offering.

Edit Your Look

Covet Fashion allows its players to edit any look that they have already submitted. This comes in handy when you are undecided about the look you created. You can ask for advice from other fashion house members and edit your look afterward until you are satisfied. Just ensure that the voting for that challenge has not commenced yet, or else this option will no longer be available.