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FART Counter - Fafnir Artemis Tristan Counter - Hero Wars Mobile

How to counter FART combo in Hero Wars Mobile?
Main Takeaways

Amira and Ziri are two of this team's best counters. Looking closely at Ziri's skills, we can see that her first ability - her ult - increases armor and magic defense by 150%, causing opponents to target her for 8 seconds. Even fully upgraded Artemis won't be able to penetrate Ziri's armor, which allows her to absorb up to 93% of physical damage.

Mystic teams that counter FART.Mystic teams that counter FART.
Mystic teams that counter FART.
Because of her armor's strength, Ziri stands out as the best tank. To maximize this benefit, you should activate Ziri's ult before an enemy Artemis unleashes its ultimate attack. Furthermore, Jorgen will prevent their front-line heroes from gaining energy or charge.

Phobos is another good counter, but make sure the opponent's Artemis has the highest magic attack stat. At max level, she has the highest magic attack in this team. The ult of Phobos targets Artemis and drains her energy, possibly killing her in one hit.

Karkh and Fafnir could be the third team with Cleaver as tank and Jorgen as support. Fafnir will target random agility allies if you place any other agility hero there besides Karkh. You gain two advantages. One, your Jorgen can curse Fafnir, and two, your Karkh will target and kill him quickly. Overall, this team seems to be more immune to this FART combo. The team can also be used against the Rufus Fart combo since Rufus will give you a tough time with mages.

K'arkh FART counter in Hero Wars Mobile.K'arkh FART counter in Hero Wars Mobile.
K'arkh FART counter in Hero Wars Mobile.

One of the best counters to F.A.R.T. is Fafnir and Yasmine. Tristan has the lowest armor in this opponent team at max level, which Yasmine manages to kill in a single ult, while Artemis has the next most insufficient armor.

After Yasmin kills the support and damage dealer in the 1st ult, this team is easy to beat. With two ults, Yasmine can only be managed with Fafnir since she is sufficiently survivable.

Yasmine FART counter in Hero Wars Mobile.Yasmine FART counter in Hero Wars Mobile.
Yasmine FART counter in Hero Wars Mobile.

With the Cleaver, Jorgen Faceless and Arachne or Helios can also counter this team. Faceless puts their Luther back to its original position, Cleaver pulls the opponent Fafnir, and Jordan stops this team from gaining energy along with Fafnir; Arachne stuns them, or Helios retaliates with a beam of fire.

As a result, the team prevents the opponent from using their skills and auto-attacks.