Most Creative Costume Ideas For Halloween 2019

We gathered some of the weirdest and most iconic costume ideas for Halloween 2019. We're pretty sure that no one is going to forget your look if you have the courage to follow our fashion tips!

Steal her look: Greta Thunberg DIY Costume

"You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words." - said the inspiring young lady Greta Thunberg, addressing the U.N.'s Climate Action Summit in New York City this month. Today we are stealing her fashion look that accompanied her iconic speech. This Halloween DIY costume is also a perfect fit for kids. Add to your card and some crayons and paper cardboard and write your personal Climate Change Protest message, because nature matters! Be trendy and spread awareness with this costume!

Just Vitas

This look is easy, yet recognizable! You probably don't know his name, but Vitas is the singer that comes up when you Google "Weird Russian singer" at 3 AM. All you need is a futuristic helmet and a silver jumpsuit. PRO TIP: If someone doesn't recognize you just say: "ah oh ah, ah oh ah, ah oh ah, ah oh ah ah, blululululu, ah oh ah."

DIY Me and The Boys Group Costume

If you are lucky enough to have three friends willing to cosplay a meme, we are totally recommending this look. It's DIY because it looks like nobody came up with this idea so far. Roll up your sleeves and get to work because this SpiderMan Villains from the 60's look is worth it!
You have to keep the meme alive untill the end of 2019! One of you is going to be the lucky one wearing the Electro Marvel Spider-Man Costume T-Shirt. We also have found for you a latex rhino mask, an avantgarde triangle helmet & star helmet and green elf-like ears. You have to be really handy for this next part because it includes a lot of craft, paint, scissors, fur and cosplay fashion choices.

Bob Ross For Couples

Is your loved one ready to match your crazy Halloween costume? Then we suggest you try this trendy look made for couples and let your partner decide if she/he wants to be Bob Ross or the painting. This costume was also featured in this years' hit Netflix series "Euphoria" when Lexi Howard played by Maude Apatow rocked the high-school party.

The Influencer

Do you remember how Urban Outfitters sold an "Influencer Costume"? Right now these fashion pieces are not available, but we think you are going to love our alternative. "The Influencer" costume is inspired by some of the latest fashion trends as Matching Bike Shorts & Bra, Extra Small Glasses, Extra Big 'Fila' Sneakers, Bomber, Wig (Duh!) and of course the absolute essential - iPhone 11 & a Facetune 2.0 Subscription. The last one is pricy, sorry for that.

The Trump Dog

Pamper your pet (or not) and give your dog a makeover with this full-on Trump look. It's easy to use, a perfect fit for parties, festivals, and other special occasions. We don't recommend you to use it on a daily basis, because someone may get angry at your dog and its cosplay choice.

Bonus DIY: Red Power Ranger

Why not add to this list a classic cosplay choice but with a DIY twist. First, go to IKEA and buy red curtains for the jumpsuit and pleating tape for the belt. Then you're going to need white linen fabric, cotton gloves, boots, and a helmet. Find the old poster of your favorite power ranger and you will be instantly inspired for this DIY. A kit with needles, threads, scissors, and glue will come in hand.

Area 51 Raid

So The Area 51 Raid happened… Sort of. Like everyone thought no one *really* stormed the restricted area and the enthusiasts were there just to watch and live stream to their followers. Even though the event pretty much failed, it totally marked 2019. This costume pictures exactly how it should have gone if the "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us" happened for real!