Famous Stars: How They Looked at the Beginning vs Present

Our favorite celebs were all had by us when we were growing up. They are remembered in a specific time frame. If it’s a singer, then in our memory they are looked the same as they did in their most iconic music videos or during the tour that we saw them live at.

Actors and actresses are remained unchanged in our memory as the characters they were played in our favorite movies and TV shows. But chances are, their style and look have been changed and reinvented quite a few times since. Some have been changed for better, some for worse.

Let's take a look at what these iconic celebs were looked like at the dawn of their career versus now.


Justin Bieber


In 2009, a promising journey was embarked upon by Justin Bieber, and in 2010, the song "Baby" witnessed an enchanting hold he had over numerous admirers. Adorned with an endearing countenance and a charming fringe, a path towards fame was seemingly predestined for him.

Subsequently, alterations in his style were observed, including a phase where he embraced a rebellious persona and veered slightly off course. However, at present, a more mature appearance, embellished with tattoos, accompanies his joyful union with Hailey.