Healthy Tech Habits For A Better, More Creative Life

Some healthy tech habits can be useful for a better, more creative existence.
Today we spend the majority of our time online, so why not make the most of the enormous potential of the virtual space? This is something on which big mobile manufacturers and application creators have been working for really hard.
Over the past year, Apple released multiple features for screen time reduction. Google also started paying attention to this serious topic - their brand new "Digital Wellbeing Tools" include a lot of easy to access daily limits, auto-replies and special projects such as "paper phone".
Here are our even better digital life hacks that will help you improve your being and inspire you to create, without going offline. Update the latest version of yourself now with these simple tips!

Change the sound of your alarm every week

Sometimes monotonous working days can make us feel as if we were in a never-ending tunnel which looks the same, week after week - with no sign of exit or light. Dark, huh? To prevent burnout, we suggest that you change the sound of your alarm clock every 7-10 days or just download a specialized app that keeps an eye on your musical awakenings.
Music is a very important part of our lives, it can be life-changing and it’s even believed that specific sound stimulations can help patients with Alzheimer's! Think of different sounds like milestones for new beginnings. You will now no longer associate your early mornings with "That one awful Thursday, three months ago". It can also make you wake up easier and stop you from hitting "Snooze" so often.
A study made by RMIT University shows that fast rhythmic music can prevent you from the morning disorientation and confusion, scientifically named "sleep inertia". So, what's your favorite bop?
Quote: NASA astronaut journal report during orbit aboard the International Space Station. Photo: Unspalsh

Subscribe to a monthly charity

This one simply makes you a better person. There are plenty of charity projects online that are easy to support and don’t cost too much - just simply pick a cause that matters to you. Helping another person in need makes us feel fulfilled and proud of who we are as human beings.
If you have some free time for volunteering, give it a try! Here's a simple routine task: Everyday before going to sleep start asking yourself "Who did I help today?" and reflect on your impact to society. You will be amazed how often little gestures can be life-changing for someone. BTW, are you #TeamTrees already?

Afraid of sharing your goals and failing? Write them down and keep track of yourself

Become a best friend with your Notes app and start writing stuff down. If a certain thought can’t get off your mind, simply write it down. It may sound useless today, but it can be just what you’ve been looking for in a few months. Your thoughts are like a creativity boost - one simple line can boost your brain in an unexpected creative direction.
If you're afraid of speaking out loud about your goals, write them down. Don't expect to attract success without visualizing it first, so let your dreams free from your dark drawer with innermost longings. Keep a note tab for your mood swings too, because getting to know yourself is one's most valuable knowledge.
Get to know yourself better by starting a digital journal.Get to know yourself better by starting a digital journal.
Get to know yourself better by starting a digital journal.
Our Picks: If you want to store your memories forever in a safe place you can try Apple Store's Pick - Day One Journal. Don't feel like writing? Try Daylio Journal and keep a record of your activities and moods with a few clicks. If you have to organize your life from scratch, consider downloading Evernote, because it combines almost everything you will ever need, really.

Podcasts and audiobooks are a must!

Pick a podcast or an audiobook and listen to them while you’re in the gym, in your car, in public transport or while you are cooking. Sometimes these new entertainment and educational formats are way better than traditional media and can keep you interested for hours which makes them a perfect fit for people with a low attention span.

Online Detox by muting people

Have you ever noticed that seeing a big amount of people Stories can make you feel less enthusiastic about your day? It’s like the grass is always greener on the other side and your friends are always having a better time than you. That's because of some links between social media use and anxiety symptoms.
Instead of logging out for weeks, you can keep in touch with the online world without feeling depressed by simply using the "Mute" feature on most platforms. A mute a day keeps depression away and unliking unnecessary pages can add on to your positive self-reflection.

Workout with your brain too

Workouts are important, especially when it comes to your brain. Download a puzzle game or keep your mind busy the old-fashioned way - with a riddle and a crossword. Frequent stimulation of the mind will push your out-of-the-box thinking and will boost your creativity and performance. This easy and fun brain gymnastics keeps straightforward draining responsibilities away from you.

Mail Subscriptions are not outd@ted!

Mailing subscriptions may seem like something really oldschool since today we use Facebook and Twitter as our newsfeeds. But no algorithm is perfect and sometimes social platforms shift the focus from what really matters to us. This is where the good old mail subscription comes into play. Filter your feed with the news that only add value to your life and get them in a modern, stylish and minimalistic look, without getting distracted.

Use tech to learn a new thing every day or quit a bad habit

Learn a new thing every day - it can be a word, a fact or a skill. Life is all about reaching milestones and getting out of your comfort zone, so rock it! Quitting a bad habit is also a good idea - maybe stop smoking, drinking, eating unhealthy or reduce your time spent online. Self-care is important and the accomplishment factor gives you a rush of dopamine. This practice can be very empowering and we are blessed to have all the needed resources at the tip of our finger.