How does a famous DJ spend his money?

A story about an eccentric Deadmau5's spendings.
In a time when the world is slowly getting back attracting people who get together again, let’s take a look at the spendings of one of the wealthiest DJs in the world: the Canadian Deadmau5. Famous for his mask that looks like a Mickey Mouse head, Joel Zimmerman has a net worth of 53 mln USD and he makes around 11 mln. per year.
In order to produce his shows, he is investing an incredible amount of money in one of the biggest home music studios that he built for nearly 3 years. Deadmau5 takes inspiration for the music in his 11-acre property with a mansion near Toronto. The house has an especially designed park with saltwater pool and pool house in the backyard; 3 car detached garage and 3 car attached garage for his supercars. The house has 6 fireplaces and a gourmet kitchen and plenty of space for his favorite hobby: drone hunting.
Another favorite activity of Deadmau5 is playing video games in the basement equipped as a gaming center with nVidia PCs that are tricked to look like a supercar. The server room is connected to a 103-foot tower in the yard that supplies a 2.3-gigabit internet connection. We shouldn’t forget about the taxidermy room in the basement where Deadmau5 keeps skulls of animals, stuffed polar bears, and birds.
Another big investment is his 3000 sq meter condo that has again a recording studio in it. And let’s finish the tour with his astonishing car collection made by customized supercars: Lamborghini, Ferrari, a couple of McLaren Mercedes, Bentley, and many more specially designed cars.