A young Mexican girl keeps an old tradition alive using TikTok

We have almost forgotten the time when the beauty of different national cultures and regions in the world used to be spreading around with documentaries or anthropological scientific projects. Nowadays everything has been put on the map with the means of social media. And in order to illustrate this best, let's look at the story of the 19 years old Matisse Rainboilt who is popularizing traditional Mexican folklórico dances on her TikTok channel.
Growing up and living in Southern California, Matisse is proud to represent the traditions and culture of her family and home country Mexico. She recognizes her chance of interpreting the beauty of ballet folklorico making videos on Tik Tok. The young girl explains that the peculiarity of these dances and dresses is that each subregion appears to be different so she has an abundant source of ideas and dances.
She started dancing when she was around 4 years old. That was the moment when she realized that this would be her life. Moreover, ever since she saw the skirt movements or faleo, she fell in love with the culture of her Chihuahua region typical dances. For her it is a mesmerizing sensation that she is trying to represent on her videos now. The other particular movement is the florico or the steps that we are hearing because of the nails implemented in the shoes used by the dancers. And the nails make the well known clicking sound with the foot or zapateados. And all of this is combined with beautiful hair styles with ribbons or flowers.
Having this rich heritage, Matisse is passionate to continue to produce her videos and is really proud of showing them off to the world. And most importantly: she has also the support of her great grandmother who is inspiring her to popularize the legacy of the whole Mexican culture online.