When The Lady and the Tramp Scene Happens in real Life

How romantic is this scene in reality?

Two dogs eating spaghetti in an alleyway isn't the first thing that comes to mind when we say "romance." And yet, the iconic sequence from Disney's "Lady and the Tramp" is certainly one of the most romantic scenes in cinema history. This prompted many parodies and remakes, both official and unofficial. Let's check out some of them.

Disney's Live-Action/CGI remake

In recent years, the live-action remakes of animated classics have become a big chunk of Disney's output. Some of these "live-action" movies didn't include any actual live footage of real animals, like the Lion King or Jungle Book remakes. The Lady and the Tramp movie, however, will have real dog actors playing most roles.

The iconic kiss scene will be achieved with the help of CGI, as training the dogs to eat spaghetti in such a specific way would be far too difficult and possibly dangerous to the animals involved.

Dogs eating pasta

One of the most genius things about the scene is its simplicity - everyone can try to replicate it provided they have access to some spaghetti. This can lead to funny results.

Of course, the experience can also happen without spaghetti, like these two labs found.

One YouTuber recreated the scene with corgis.

But those are all dogs. Man has conquered nature and sent rovers to Mars. Can man use that same ingenuity to recreate what two animated dogs do so easily? One small experiment shows us that the whole ordeal would be much harder and messier than Disney makes it look.

It can all be good fun. The remake of "Lady and the Tramp" is available on Disney+.