Startup Ideas 101 - The Mini Hubble

Startup ideas described with lean canvas business template.
The lean canvas business plan template is a great one-page business model template for outlining the most important aspects of every starting business. It is divided into 9 core segments and we'll use all of them to describe our startup idea.


What is the crucial problem(s) faced by the customers?

The ability to monitor the night sky "right now" is very limited due to:

  • needs expensive equipment
  • requires advance knowledge
  • requires good placement of the equipment
If you want to monitor the night sky "right now" you'll need an expensive telescope with video streaming feature included as well as time and knowledge how to to setup it the right way. You should also have a good spot to place it so you can have the best view and angle possible.

Existing Alternatives

How many of these problems are solved today?
  • NASA Live
  • Observatories
  • Self-made setup
All of the current solutions are not offering the "right now" approach. 'NASA Live' is streaming pre-defined objects (e.g. ISS), observatories are also fixed on custom objects and you can usually look at the objects they are currently monitoring, the self-made solution is so far the best but it can be very expensive and time consuming.