Ideas for crazy post pandemic games

Be careful when you try this at home.
Summer is coming, the pandemic is slightly getting under control and more and more activities are allowed with friends. So, here are some ideas for the warm free summer days and evenings: in this video from The king of random Nate, Kelli and Grace decide to take three crazy challenges. The three YouTubers are showing us how to do a gallium water bottle flipping challenge, how to decorate a cake when you are blindfolded, and how to escape being duct-taped to a chair. And one kind reminder from us: this video is only for entertainment purposes.
Let’s start with the bottle flip challenge; the rules are simple: instead of water in the bottle, they put gallium and check who would flip the bottle faster. Once you have the much-needed liquid gallium (the metal that is left on the kitchen appliances such as steel pot), you can pour it in each bottle and then start the game. Quite easy! In our friends’ video, Nate made it from the first attempt! Quite depressing for the girls, but maybe you and your friends will have more time to enjoy this!
It follows one really funny game: Blindfolded cake decoration! Here the rules are self-explanatory: all of you are blindfolded and you have 15 minutes in order to decorate the cake with all of the needed ingredients and decoration. In the end, you and your friends judge by the beauty of the cake. No clear winner in our hosts’ video so we leave you to decide on your own!
Final challenge: all of you are duct-taped to a chair and you check who can escape first. Just like infamous action movies all you need are identical chairs, identical duct taping, and a person to measure the time. You can use teeth, moves, and everything you think might help. For our friends, Nate won with an impressive advantage!
We can leave you now to check these challenges with your friends.