Luxurious travel can be affordable

A perspective on the Emirates new premium economy cabin.
Emirates has always been one of the airlines that constantly improve and renew its services. Even during the time of pandemic, they didn’t stop to continue to do so. In this youtube video, Sam Chui is inviting us to take a look at the renovated Premium Economy class on their newly A380 aircraft.
One of the best features specially designed for this plane is the brand new seats with the recline option having a leg rest up. It allows your legs to go directly under the front seat so the passenger has so much comfort and extra room.
In the video, Sam meets Adel Al Redha, who is the Chief Operation Officer of Emirates. Al Redha explains that the new Premium Economy has been created due to high customer demand: Emirates passengers are wanting a product that is better than Economy while remaining affordable. He also mentions that the company is expecting 5 more A380s with the Premium Economy set that will be delivered throughout 2021 and into 2022. And also walks us through the incredible cabin: the pitch is up to 40 inches, with 19,5 inches width, 8 inches of recline; and 56 seats, located forward of Economy Class on the lower deck of A380. Al Redha is also giving a tour on the upper part: following the renewed sweeping stairs from the main deck to the upper deck, to refreshed design trims and modern fittings in the Shower Spa. And proudly looking at the Gaff tree applications that are accompanying you on the way to the Refurbished Shower and Spa in First Class on Emirates A380.
We can have a glance at the business class also: direct aisle access for every passenger, recline to a fully-flat position, and feature a minibar among other features. All 76 seats have been refreshed to feature champagne-colored leather covers and wood finishings. I hope all of you will enjoy this airplane very soon!