Identity V - Tips, Tricks & Resources

All-around guide that can help you get the best of your play without having to spend a single cent.
Identity V is a horror game that looks like it's set up in Tim Burton's world. Complete with the creepy and goth-like interface it intrigues people of all ages.
Similar to most mobile games there are in-app purchases that not everyone is fond of. If you don't want to spend anything on in-app purchases just follow this guide to get the best of your play.

Maximize Your Survivor Skills And Gain High Deductions

If you're new to the Identity V fandom you might get confused about Deductions and why you should aim to get the highest ones.

Deductions are the central scoring system in the game. Higher deductions will increase your chances of getting clues.

Clues are one of the leading "currencies" in the game. They're puzzle pieces that you can use to purchase almost anything in the game - Survivors, Hunters and even accessories or costumes. Most players prefer saving up their Clues to buy a character.

However, there are also Fragments which can also help you obtain bonuses within the game.

Being able to play your characters correctly increases your chances of getting high Deductions so selecting the right one is a contributing factor for your success.


Survivors have four categories: Rescue, Decode, Contain, and Assist.
It's essential to familiarize yourself with the group your chosen character belongs to because doing so will help you know what type of game you'll play and what action you should focus on in-game.

While it's reasonable to randomly choose a Survivor according to your mood, if you aim to buy that Hunter or Survivor character, then take the extra mile and do what you need to earn Clues.

Below's a rundown on each survivor, their skills, weaknesses, and how you should use them effectively.

Survivors: Rescue

The characters in the Rescue category specialize in helping fellow players who get captured and tied to the rocket chair. Their traits are explicitly made to counter, distract, or disable the hunter. This gives them (or other players) extra time to untie their teammate and continue ciphering machines.

Mercenary (Naib Subedar)
Trademark:Elbow pads
How Does It Work?
The elbow pads are a tool that helps the Mercenary speed up, mainly when being hunted. While running, go towards a wall, tree, or rock and watch yourself speed up away from the hunter.
Skills And Features
  • He can vault over anything easily and can quickly run away from the hunter after saving another survivor.
  • When hit by a Hunter, he doesn't feel the effects until after 15 seconds. This time gives him a chance to speed away and avoid getting hit.
  • When tied to a rocket chair, the countdown is reduced by 30%, and it takes longer before he gets sent back to the manor.
  • Healing time is faster than everyone else by 20% up to 100%.
  • This character is also a part of the Containment group, which means that he can even contain the hunter and buy time for fellow Survivors, aside from being a good rescuer.
  • Due to the character's history, the Mercenary is not fond of ciphering machines, which causes a 25% decrease in decoding speed.
  • If the team of four consists of more than one Mercenary, all characters share a universal panic that further reduces the decoding speed by 10% and even up to 55%.
Coordinator (Martha Behamfil)
Trademark:Flare gun
How Does It Work?
The gun is the perfect tool that you can aim at Hunters (but not fellow survivors) when trying to save a teammate or simply run away.
Skills And Features
  • The Coordinator has deadly accuracy when pointing the gun at a Hunter, and it stuns them. This feature causes a delayed recovery by 30%, which gives survivors enough time to run away and escape.
  • When tied to a rocket chair, the countdown is reduced by 10%.
  • The character's history describes Martha as being part of the military. That means she can easily vault over pallets and windows and is 10% faster than others.
  • Camaraderie is everything for Martha, that's why whenever a teammate gets tied to the rocking chair, the speed for decoding machines and exit gates decrease by 30%.
Forward (William Ellis)
Trademark:Football a.k.a rush
How Does It Work?
Use the football for dashing towards the hunter and hit them. This feature puts Hunters off balance. If you can push the hunter towards an object, they accidentally release the survivor.
Skills And Features
  • The excellent physique of William makes him one of the best rescuers. He can easily stun a Hunter by dashing towards them and hitting them.
  • Causing the hunter to hit an object makes the stun time longer by 15%, thus giving Survivors more time to escape.
  • He can vault over pallets and windows faster than the others by 20%.
  • The speed increases by 50% when pulling a pallet (either to stun the hunter or create a barrier).
  • When caught by the hunter and tied to a balloon, he has a 10% increase in struggling speed.
  • This character is also a part of the Containment group, which means that aside from being a good rescuer, he can even contain the hunter and buy time for fellow Survivors.
  • William causes a decrease in decoding speed by 30% because of his clumsiness and natural repellent nature towards machines.
Wildling (Murro)
Trademark:Wildling partner
How Does It Work?
You can use the wildling partner to stun the hunter, counter attacks, as well as increase Murro's running speed.
Skills And Features
  • Murro can command the wildling and make it howl, which counters the hunter's "listen" skill for 10 seconds. This skill also gives the hunter tinnitus.
  • When you ride the wildling partner, a bar shows, indicating the "rage" level. When it's full, this rage will eventually allow you to bump the hunter (similar to the Forward's skill), but it won't stun.
  • When you hit the hunter into an object, it causes the release of the tied survivor.
  • A direct hit to the hunter increases the rage level more.
  • The wildling partner, when ridden, counters the hunter's hits on Murro.
  • Increased terrain interaction by 10%.
  • This character is also a part of the Containment group, which means that aside from being a good rescuer, he can even contain the hunter and buy time for fellow Survivors.
  • Due to his history, Murro is not a suitable machine decoder. Ciphering speed decreases by 30%.
  • Murro can't ride the wildling partner for 90 seconds once it feels fatigued.
  • When Murro doesn't move, the rage level drops rapidly, and you have to start all over again.
First Officer (Jose Baden)
Trademark:Poseidon watch
How Does It Work?
The clock hypnotizes the hunter and causes hallucinations.
Skills And Features
  • When rescuing others from the rocket chair, the character automatically affects his surroundings.
  • Once the survivors get untied from the rocket chair, the First Officer helps them escape by disguising them as himself, which confuses the hunter.
  • The confusion and hypnosis last for 20 seconds, giving everyone a chance to run away.
  • This character is also a part of the Containment group, which means that aside from being a good rescuer, he can even contain the hunter and buy time for fellow Survivors.
  • If the hunter hits the First Officer by chance, the hypnotic effects of the Poseidon watch wear off instantly. This effect applies to both the First Officer and the Survivor he's helping.
  • When ciphering machines, this character decodes 20% slower.
Grave Keeper (Andrew Kreiss)
How Does It Work?
The Grave Keeper uses his shovel to travel underground and avoid being seen by the hunter.
Skills And Features
  • When using this character, you can move freely underground, and even go under knocked down pallets.
  • When the character gets hit while traveling underground, he gets to protect himself from getting hurt (once) and goes to the surface afterward.
  • The digging speed increases by 10% once he moves underground.
  • When the character isn't hit while underground, he has a 50% increase in rescue speed, which lasts for 5 seconds.
  • The Grave Keeper is clumsy and has poor eyesight, so his decoding speed decreases by 15%.
  • The underground mode has limited time due to decreasing oxygen levels. Once you reach the limit, you'll have to resurface.

Survivors: Decode

Survivors in this category are skilled in decoding ciphers. They are fast to cipher than everyone else and, overall, they decrease the time needed to escape.

Lawyer (Freddy Riley)
How Does It Work?
The Lawyer has the blueprint of the place and can locate unciphered machines.
Skills And Features
  • No time gets wasted because the Lawyer knows where to go next after ciphering.
  • The Lawyer isn't affected by Terror Shock when ciphering or interacting with other characters.
  • Receives a 2-second boost when hit.
  • The character has a weak physique which makes vaulting over pallets and windows slower by 10%.
Explorer (Kurt Frank)
Trademark:"Gulliver's Travels" novel
How Does It Work?
He can shrink like the Lilliputians in the book after reading the story.
Skills And Features
  • The hunter cannot detect his location when he shrinks.
  • Remaining small allows the character to locate the "Password Page," which is the key to quick and easy ciphering (once you decode 50%).
  • The "Password Page" helps the Explorer know about the hunter's location.
  • He can hide his tracks, which means that he is undetectable most of the time.
  • Increases the running speed by 40% when you rest for 10 seconds.
  • When ciphering, there is a 30% chance of triggering calibrations and a 30% decrease in decoding success.
Mechanic (Tracy Reznik)
Trademark:Life-size doll
How Does It Work?
The Mechanic has a doll that she can control to do what most Survivors do in the game.
Skills And Features
  • This character increases the machine decoding speed by 25%.
  • The doll also has a 25% increase in decoding speed when controlled.
  • When she is together with the other teammates, Tracy imparts a 3% increase in decoding speed to fellow Survivors.
  • When tied to a rocket chair, the Mechanic can still control the doll as long as she uses it before getting captured. The doll can save her from the rocket chair.
  • The doll gets incapacitated when hit once by the hunter.
  • Tracy is physically weak and has a decreased speed when vaulting over windows and pallets.
  • When another survivor gets attacked or tied to a rocket chair, this character gets scared, and the ciphering pace slows down by 45%.
  • The speed decreases by 15% when she opens exit gates.
The Mind's Eye (Helena Adams)
How Does It Work?
It helps Helena know about her surroundings, despite being blind.
Skills And Features
  • When The Mind's Eye strikes her cane on the ground, the hunter's location becomes known to all players (in a red outline).
  • The sound waves produced by the rod help the character know where the hunter is and their direction.
  • Being blind means that all her other senses become heightened, which increases ciphering speed by 30%.
  • When using this character, everything is in black and white, following her condition. You cannot see elements that are far from the cane's tapping range.
  • Weak, and has a 30% decrease in vaulting speed and running.
Prisoner (Luca Balsa)
Trademark:Electric circuit
How Does It Work?
This character can cipher two machines at the same time.
Skills And Features
  • Luca can connect two machines and control how much decoding progress gets transferred to the second one. You can choose from 0% up to 48%. Remember that the farther the machine, the more significant the amount of progress gets transferred.
  • You can electrocute Hunters when the "conductor" gets charged by connecting two ciphers.
  • You can electrocute the hunter multiple times, as long as you recharge within the electrical area.
  • When Hunters are within the area covered by the electric charges near the machine you're decoding, they automatically get electrocuted.
  • You may also open both exit gates. Use the same mechanism as you did when connecting two cipher machines.
  • Making a new connection takes 45 seconds before you can create a new one.
  • Hunters can disable the electric connection between two decoding machines.
  • Calibrations cause a 30% decrease in ciphering.
  • He has a weak perception and alertness when it comes to his surroundings. There is a decrease in awareness by 20%.

Survivors: Contain

Characters who belong to this category are very quick and they can keep the hunter distracted while the others cipher their machines. These Survivors can also give Hunters a hard time tying captured teammates to rocket chairs.

Thief (Kreacher Pierson)
How Does It Work?
The Thief uses it to disable and stun Hunters.
Skills And Features
  • The flashlight Kreacher can stun and stop the hunter.
  • When this character is present in the game, everyone else has a 100% increase speed when opening chests.
  • As a former pickpocket, he has excellent speed and ability when it comes to vaulting. He is 15% faster.
  • This character's history is the leading cause of a 10% decrease in ciphering success. He steals parts of the machine while decoding.
  • He causes a 10% increase in possible calibrations, making the decoding process slower.
Gardener (Emma Woods)
How Does It Work?
Emma can destroy rocket chairs.
Skills And Features
  • There is unlimited usage for the toolkit and the Gardener can easily dismantle/destroy rocket chairs.
  • For the first 50 seconds of the game, this character has protection in the form of a bubble and can counter any damage done by the hunter.
  • Can quickly locate rocket chairs (with a red outline).
  • She can promptly increase her running and vaulting speed by 10%.
  • When hit by the hunter, the Gardener has a boost that lasts for 2 seconds.
  • The ability to take off and run is decreased by 10% quickly when destroying a chair.
Magician (Servais Le Roy)
How Does It Work?
The wand creates an illusion to confuse the hunter.
Skills And Features
  • When the Magician uses the wand, he creates an illusion and a duplicate of himself. While the real Magician remains invisible for 2 seconds, the hunter is left running after the decoy, which turns into ashes when hit.
  • When decoding, there is a 20% increase in ciphering success.
  • When this character gets tied to a chair, his teammates have a 60% increase in rescue time.
  • There is a 40% increase in speed while invisible.
  • After being rescued from the rocket chair, this character uses "Escape Artist" and creates an illusion to confuse the hunter.
  • When the hunter hits the Magician while he is invisible, he is automatically terror shocked. He cannot run away.
Enchantress (Patricia Dorval)
Trademark:Cursed emblem
How Does It Work?
Helps paralyze the hunter.
Skills And Features
  • Having the hunter near triggers the emblem's Guard and increases the chance of paralyzing the hunter after five stacks.
  • When healed by others, this character imparts blessings, which grants her more stacks when the survivor who helped her gets hit. This feature gives a faster progression to use the emblem.
  • Healing increases by 20% compared to others.
  • When the hunter is too close, there is a 70% reduction on her Guards and gets reduced by 7%.
Acrobat (Mike Morton)
Trademark:3 bombs
How Does It Work?
The bombs help in attacks, escapes, and many other cases.
Skills And Features
  • Bomb #1: a sticky bomb that helps reduce the hunter's speed.
  • Bomb #2: a nitro bomb that helps reduce the hunter's interaction speed.
  • Bomb #3: a fire bomb that disables the hunter (along with all their skills) for a few seconds.
  • When this character saves another teammate from the rocket chair, he can make an additional sticky bomb.
  • When this character completes decoding a machine, he can make another nitro bomb.
  • When he contains the hunter for at least 60 seconds, he can make another fire bomb.
  • The additional bombs per game only happen once. Meaning, you cannot make multiple other bombs in one game.
  • The inability to concentrate decreases the door opening speed by 30%.
Priestess (Fiona Gilman)
Trademark:Holy key
How Does It Work?
Helps create passages.
Skills And Features
  • This character can create long or straight passages that anyone can use to escape while being attacked.
  • The straight passages stuns the Hunters when they go through.
  • When this character uses ultra-long passengers, the Hunters cannot go through.
  • The passages are a great escape route for injured survivors.
  • When the others try to go through a passage, a silhouette or image remains, which can still be affected when hit by the hunter.
  • When a Hunter hits the holy key on a wall or object, it automatically destroys the passage.
  • Physically weak and speed for vaulting decreases by 10%.
  • Ciphering skills are decreased by 10%.
  • The time needed for healing teammates is slower by 10%.
Barmaid (Demi Bourbon)
Trademark:Wine barrel
How Does It Work?
The barrel contains Dovlin to help the Barmaid throughout the game.
Skills And Features
  • When the character drinks D.U.P.H.R.I.N., the movement speed increases by 50%, that lasts for 2 seconds. There is also a reduction of fear.
  • Giving other players drinks also lessens their fear levels by half and lasts for 8 seconds.
  • When given a drink, other survivors heal.
  • D.U.P.H.R.I.N. is exclusive only to this character.
  • You cannot help heal the Coordinator and The Mind's Eye because they are underage.
  • The Barmaid cannot make drinks when injured.
  • Being tipsy decreases the decoding speed by 8%.
Perfumer (Vera Nair)
Trademark:Euphoria perfume
How Does It Work?
The character can go back to the original state when she sprays perfume.
Skills And Features
  • With the right timing, this perfumer can remember the state and the position she was in before getting hit and return immediately. It means that even if she gets hit, activating the perfume brings her back to the healthy, unharmed state.
  • When healing teammates, time is increased by 30%.
  • She has blackouts and sometimes causes a delay in ciphering machines.
Female Dancer (Margaretha Zelle)
Trademark:Music box
How Does It Work?
She can control speeds with different music types.
Skills And Features
  • The music box has a specific range wherein it affects everyone's actions and momentum.
  • You can make everyone's movements faster (red music) or make the hunter go slower (blue music).
  • This character is never affected by slow music but influenced by fast music.
  • When falling from tall heights, this character has a 30% increase in movement speed for 3 seconds.
  • The effects of the music box reduce when the areas overlap. Make sure to keep the boxes in different areas.
Prospector (Norton Campbell)
Trademark:Meteorite magnet
How Does It Work?
It can repel or attract players.
Skills And Features
  • This player uses the magnet to either repel or attract the players. This feature applies to both Survivors and the Hunter.
  • When a magnet gets thrown, there is a 20-second duration causing different polarities.
  • This magnet can push Hunters and Survivors away.
  • Because of his reliable physical attributes, he heals 20% faster.
  • When there are cipher machines within the area, his speed increases by 50% for two seconds.
  • The magnetic effects trigger a calibration effect, and difficulty in decoding increases by 30%.

Survivors: Assist

The characters who belong to this category assist and help the survivors. However this doesn't mean that they're the weakest.

Doctor (Emily Dyer)
How Does It Work?
It helps heal the character as well as others.
Skills And Features
  • The syringe's effects never run out or get depleted when used.
  • There is a 60% increase in healing others.
  • There is a 20% speed in healing herself.
  • Gains a boost that lasts for 2 seconds when hit by a hunter.
  • Overall weak, and there is a 10% reduction in vaulting speed.
Cowboy (Kevin Ayuso)
How Does It Work?
Use it to help save the captured survivor or get away from the hunter.
Skills And Features
  • When a teammate gets caught (whether they're still tied to a balloon or placed in a rocket chair), this character can remove them and carry them away from the area.
  • He can lasso the hunter and go above its head, ending up in the opposite direction.
  • Kevin can also lasso pallets and machines to bring himself closer to the item.
  • When hitting a Hunter using a pallet, the recovery time of the hunter decreases by 20%.
  • When decoding with a female survivor, his decoding skills and speed increase by 10%.
  • This character dislikes decoding, so when ciphering a machine, he is 10% slower than others.
  • When decoding with a male teammate, his ciphering is slower by 30%.
  • When he carries a female survivor, and the hunter hits them, he takes the damage intended for the female and gets double damage.
Seer (Eli Clark)
How Does It Work?
This character uses the owl as a tool to help the others.
Skills And Features
  • The owl can map out all teammates' locations.
  • When commanded, the owl can grant protection to other Survivors that lasts for a few seconds.
  • If the Seer stays close and watches the hunter run after the others, he gains additional attempts and chances to help his teammates block attacks.
  • This character can locate the hunter's position for 5 seconds.
  • When you choose to help protect the others, this character's vaulting speed decreases by 10%.
Embalmer (Aesop Carl)
Trademark:Makeup Box
How Does It Work?
This character can provide rebirth for himself and for the others.
Skills And Features
  • The Embalmer can summon a coffin and choose to rebirth others once he records their appearance.
  • This character can rebirth himself when captured by the hunter.
  • Every time he gets rescued from the rocket chair, he can summon another coffin.
  • He detects the hunter's location 15 seconds at the beginning of the game.
  • When you choose to rebirth teammates, you lose the ability to rebirth the Embalmer himself.
  • The Embalmer cannot help rebirth Survivors who are already captured, hit, or placed on the rocket chair multiple times.
  • Decoding speed is decreased by 15%.
Postman (Victor Granz)
Trademark:Letters and a post dog
How Does It Work?
The letters act as buffers for different actions or skills delivered by the dog.
Skills And Features
  • Sending a farewell letter: helps the recipient increase their vaulting speed by 40% for 3 seconds.
  • Sending an urgent letter: helps improve the recipient's movement speed by 10%, which lasts for 15 seconds.
  • Sending a tranquility letter: helps the recipient decode faster by 20%, which lasts for 30 seconds.
  • Sending a bravery letter helps increase the recipient's rescue speed by 30% and the movement speed by 10%, which lasts for 180 seconds.
  • Sending an inspiring letter: causes permanent effects that help increase the recipients vaulting speed by 10%.
  • Sending a hope letter: this permanently increases the decoding speed at exit gates by 30% plus a clear view of the dungeon's location.
  • The Postman gets the same buffer effects when a recipient successfully receives the letter.
  • If the dog gets hit, the letters won't reach the intended recipient.
  • If the recipient is too far and the dog gets tired, the letter won't reach the destination.
  • There is an 8% decoding speed reduction because he expects a letter in return.
Lucky Guy
How Does It Work?
This character relies on luck to get a range of items from chests.
Skills And Features
  • This character can choose which item they get from the chest. You can choose from the things that are also exclusive to other Survivors.
  • When hit, this character has a boost that lasts for 2 seconds.
  • Physically weak.
  • Sometimes luck runs out and you get an item different from the one you chose.

Now that you have an idea about how each survivor character works and what their best and worst traits are, you can carefully choose what to do when you are in a game and not risk letting your efforts go to waste.

When you decide to be a Survivor, take note of the following:

  • Always crouch for at least 5 seconds at the beginning of each game. This will help you hide from the hunters if they are nearby.

  • Always make sure to have a perfect calibration for added points when decoding machines.

  • Always look at the upper left corner of the screen. There are indications about the surroundings and your teammates.

  • Always be alert and check if the character's chest starts turning purple - this is an indication that the hunter is nearby. If the heart of the character beats loudly, the hunter is already close to you.

  • Always complete individual tasks that can be seen on the left side of the screen.

  • Always open chests because this can give you items you can use along the way (aside from additional scores).

  • You can stun a hunter that is running after you by hitting it with pallets.

  • Hearing a bell-like sound means that a teammate got hit. Look for the red outline of both the hunter and player because this gives you an idea about their location and whether you can save your teammate (if you're a rescuer) or relocate to another area.

  • You can do a co-op decoding for additional points. However, if you want faster ciphering just do it alone.

  • Save and heal as many teammates as you can.


Some of the hunters can also help you get Deduction points. Of course, the best way to earn additional points is to send all the Survivors back to the manor successfully.

Below's a list with the Hunters and their skills so you can be prepared what to do next when you select them.
Hell Ember (Leo Beck)
Hunting Features:
  • When he hits a Survivor, gets stunned, or runs after a player, it activates the Infernal Soul that enables "Phantom".
  • The Phantom is shaped like Leo and goes after other Survivors, which lasts for 25 seconds.
Secondary skill:Addition of a new puppet.
Smiley Face (Joker)
Hunting Features:
  • This character has a skill called "rocket dash" which helps the Hunter charge towards Survivors and hits them immediately.
Secondary skill:After multiple survivor hits, he obtains "crazed dash," wherein the hunter can go farther distances and faster rocket activation.
Gamekeeper (Bane Perez)
Hunting Features:
  • This hunter has a chain hook that pulls survivors towards him at certain distances.
  • Once he uses the hook, it automatically decreases the survivor's movement speed by 20% that lasts for 5 seconds.
  • Once you hit survivors, their location gets exposed twice within a minute, and when you hit these outlined players, your recovery rate increases as well.
  • Even when you hit an object using the chain, the hunter can immediately cast the hook after 7 seconds or until it hits the targeted survivor.
The Ripper (Jack)
Hunting Features:
  • This hunter has a freezing fog that you can use to hit Survivors. Once attacked, the players leave a trail, and your movement speed increases.
  • The flying fog eventually activates Hidden In Mist Mode, which allows the hunter to remain hidden from Survivors' eyes.
Secondary skill:Hidden In Mist (you are invisible for a long time)
Wu Chang (Xie Bi’an and Fan Wujiu)
Hunting Features:
  • When using the skill Summon, two souls become activated. Xie Bi'an (white Guard) patrols and pursuits Survivors while Fan Wujiu (black Guard) has an increased attack speed and recovery.
  • The Umbrella, when used, outlines a Survivor's image for 5 seconds. The hunter can teleport towards the area with the Umbrella.
  • When you activate the skill Wavering Soul, the Survivors become horrified, which lasts for 60 seconds. This skill somehow incapacitates the players and allows the hunter to hit them immediately.
  • You can fully siphon a player's soul when in the spiritual realm, and it gets lost. The survivor then loses the ability to do anything or interact with anyone.
Disciple (Ann)
Hunting Features:
  • Ann has a cat that helps her see Survivors' location and paralyzes the player once the cat latches onto them after splitting.
  • Once the cat latches onto the survivor, the hunter can quickly use the skill Catwalk and dash towards the survivor.
Secondary skill:Psychic. The hunter moves quicker than before so that she can go to the cat and survivor's location.
Evil Reptilian (Luchino)
Hunting Features:
  • Many leaping actions use up energy, but continuous jumps consume less energy and recover over time.
  • You can do endless leaps and crash towards an object or area at any time you wish.
  • Once you leap, pressing the skill button again lets the Hunter drop immediately with high speed, causing damage within a range. It can destroy pallets and hit survivors.
Secondary skill:further mutation happens, and it allows the hunter to leap three times plus an increase in the dropping speed.
Axe Boy (Robbie White)
Hunting Features:
  • When the hunter plants Peaceful Pine Seedlings, and there is an overlap between the two, he can control Resentful Souls. The Resentful Souls can hit Survivors and cause damage equal to the standard hits a Hunter usually does.
  • You can plant up to 6 Peaceful Pines and replant them once the oldest one gets used up or if Survivors remove them.
  • You now have full control over the souls and direct it toward a specific direction after absorbing Resentful Souls.
The Feaster (Hastur)
Hunting Features:
  • This character has tentacles that he can control when nearby and plant anywhere.
  • When you hit a survivor, another arm automatically pops up near the survivor, and you can control it to hit the player once more.
  • This hunter can use the skill Stare, and it helps him attack players who are near his tentacles while running away.
Dream Witch (Yidhra)
Hunting Features:
  • The Survivors do not see Yidrha, that's why she can easily latch on them wherever they are.
  • For each survivor you latched onto, a follower appears. You can control up to 4 followers and interchange between Survivors.
  • You can control and establish a fear radius on Survivors once you have Followers for them.
Soul Weaver (Violetta)
Hunting Features:
  • When capturing players, the Soul Weaver can either tie them to a rocket chair or enclose them in a cocoon.
  • This hunter can hit targets using webs and immediately causes damage.
  • You can also put cobwebs that can entangle players while also revealing their location to you.
  • After a few minutes, the web-spinning abilities improve and get more reliable and faster.
Guard 26 (Bonbon)
Hunting Features:
  • This hunter has time bombs that you can throw towards the survivor or place in nearby areas.
  • This character also has remote-controlled bombs in which you can control the time it detonates.
  • There is also an option to decrease the bomb's charging time while simultaneously increasing the range of damage.
  • The weapons cause 50% damage to players.
  • The bombs are planted in a cross shape, making the area of damage wider.
Bloody Queen (Mary)
Hunting Features:
  • This hunter can activate a mirror that releases a mirror image of the hunter. Whatever Mary does, the reverse image does as well.
  • This character's mirror image can hit actual Survivors, and the real hunter can hit the mirror image of Survivors.
  • With enough hits, the secondary skill becomes activated: Mirror Rotation.
Secondary skill:When you use Mirror Rotation, you immediately switch places with the mirror image, which becomes beneficial for the hunter, especially if the survivor runs oppositely.
Geisha (Michiko)
Hunting Features:
  • Beauty form: the fear radius starts small, and the hunter also moves fast. A beautiful mask covers her face.
  • Prajna form: the fear radius widens, but she gets slower. This is a skill called the Soul Departure, wherein the hunter flies into the air to look for hunters in a wide area.
  • Panic form: the survivors get a glimpse of her real face, and the fear radius is still the same. The survivor's skills are negated.
  • Using the skill "Dash Hit", this character can go through terrains and quickly goes to the survivor because of the abrupt increase in fear.
Mad Eyes (Burke)
Hunting Features:
  • This hunter can control consoles, which then controls the monitors all over the map.
  • The monitors alert Burke about a Survivor's location, and with the click of a button, you can activate fences.
  • There are activated fences that continuously move and damage survivors within the area it covers. It sometimes encloses the survivor between two fences and ultimately renders them incapacitated.
Photographer (Joseph)
Hunting Features:
  • This hunter activates a camera that replicates a new world, known as the Camera World.
  • When the hunter incapacitates Survivors in the Camera World, it reflects in the real world. However, once you tie a Survivor to the rocket chair, it only makes the survivor disabled when you return to the real world.
  • You can enter and exit both worlds freely and easily.
  • The hunter can go back to his original place and time in the real world.
Violinist (Antonio)
Hunting Features:
  • This character can connect two musical notes that form a string, and it can damage and hurt the Survivors as you would a normal attack.
  • While Survivors get hit by the line, this character may also send out musical notes that hit and attack the Survivors.
  • When you are within 20 meters of the Terrifying String Music, this character is allowed to use the bow and cause a vibration that results in 10 scattered Music Strings.

Here are some tips you should consider if you choose to be a Hunter:

  • Wait for at least 5 seconds at the beginning of the game so you can allow Survivors to go towards machines and start decoding. This makes it easier for you to locate them.

  • Turn the volume up and listen for a beep-like sound. It means that the system is alerting you about the players' locations. It also comes with the game's logo in red.

  • When running after a Survivor, don't wait for them to stop before hitting them. Be as quick as possible and hit them even while running.

  • Always keep your eyes on the survivor, especially when they start running away.

  • You can still hit the Explorers even if they are tiny. You may also try to hit the Grave Keepers even if they are underground.

  • Destroy the pallets that are on your way to avoid obstructions.

  • Always go for the non-rescue or non-containment Survivors because they're physically weak and slower in general.

  • The Enchantress recharges from being within your range so make sure that you quickly incapacitate her.

  • The Coordinator is immediately helpless when she fires the flare gun. You may go after her instantly as well.

  • Use the Teleport skill to corner the players quickly when the exit gates are already open.

  • Use as many skills as you can to maximize your score.


The game can be played on different devices: Android, iSO, PC