Let's Land on the Moon Laughing

A trailer for the TV show Space Force.

A new high-profile comedy is being prepared by Netflix – Space Force will tell us the story of a group of unmotivated losers accomplishes their assigned mission to send a man to the moon again, thus making the US a dominating force in space. The show is the work of the creators of The Office, Steve Carell and Greg Daniels, the former playing the main part in it.

It’s clear that the emphasis falls on humor while the sci-fi elements will be nonexistent (because the technology already exists) but still we can find a theme-related relationship to our genre. A number of familiar actors from various cult-comedy series will play in the show.

The interesting thing is that the USA recently actually created a Space Force and the logo really looks like the Space Fleet logo from Star Trek.

The show will have 10 episodes which will become available all at once on May 29.

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