2021 Entrepreneurship Ideas Or How One Taiwanese Guy Streams His Life

Modern technologies gives us a wide range of opportunities in fulfilling our dreams.
We are currently living in a whole new world where entrepreneurial offers such as the one to Joey Kaotyk are becoming more and more regular. This 29 years old guy from Taiwan has worked for two years at Tiffany & Co until 2017 when he realized that he would like to do different things with his life. In this YouTube video we follow the experience he obtained during the last 3 years.
Being a part of a hip hop group traveling and winning competitions in the Taiwanese region, in 2017 Joey quit his job and did a two and half months trip to China, India, Japan and Taiwan. When he returned he had a chance to meet the people from the biggest video streaming platform Twitch with whom he developed his idea of delivering a funny content combining a type of video games recording with a street-hip hop lifestyle. The first recording was streamed on 7th of July, 2017 and ever since Joey is offering a full 360 view of his travels and sharing content for people worldwide.
How is everything set up? Joey likes to call his back pack “a gun run” backpack. It consists of an unit that allows him to send signal into an rtmp cloud server, multiple SIM cards delivering signals to multiple cell phone providers; also a camera mounted on his shoulder and sometimes on his selfie stick, 50 000 mah battery allowing 12 hours non stop streaming and a Bluetooth speaker on the side and the jbl clip.
Currently Joey Kaotyk has around 79 000 followers and is planning to continue recording his videos. His main intention is to spread positive energy to the people and popularize the outdoor lifestyle streaming. Let’s enjoy and think about heading to our dreams too!